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Introduction to Quiz

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. it's time to create a quiz with the help of Google Forms creating a quiz with the help of Google Forms will completely reduce your work if you are an instructor or a teacher so if you're an instructor or teacher you just give the questions for your students for a test or an examination and also submitting the answer sheets you manually try to inspect all the answers and you manually try to correct the papers but here with the help of Google Forms all this work has been reduced you have to just add the questions and offer that you had also add the options or select a different answer type whether it may be a drop-down a short answer type or a multiple-choice cushion apart from this the different answer types are not suitable for the quiz form because you should also be able to provide the right answer to the Google Forms so that it can auto-correct each and every cushion and even, in this case, there is a chance for you you can choose a paragraph answer type as an answer for every question but the work will be the same you should just correct all the answers manually, however, the data and all the information will be collected by Google Forms and will be maintained in a perfect manner without any efforts from you so this was the information about the quiz and its advantages in the next video we are going to create a basic quiz and add step by step I will just try to explain to you the different options available while creating a quiz with the help of Google Forms.

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