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How to use paragraph answer type

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. I am going to show you what happens when we choose the paragraph type of answer as an answer type for a particular cushion, I will just add a cushion herein between what are different types of animals and for this question I am going to choose the paragraph answer type and here an answer key we don't have any kind of option to choose and we can just add feedback for any answer so let us go to the preview section and try damping this quiz so here we are in the cushion saying what are different types of animals I'll just type it as herbivores carnivores so for adding the answer or paragraph answer I will just click on submit and after that, I will click on view score in here but if all the answer for this one is wrong and no point here has been awarded for this answer even though if you type a right answer there our answer will be wrong because this kind of answer type is not suitable for a quiz where the results or the grade will be released right after attending the quiz so let us go back and click the settings option and come to the quizzes section and here in the quiz options select the second option saying later offer a manual review so this will automatically enable the email collection because you have to send or the release the grades after manually reviewing them and hence the email the collection will be enabled so after that just click Save now the email address will be collected now I will try to Adam this off resembling a quiz where the manual review is enabled the view results button will not be available and let we go back here and now in this form, you should go to the responses section and in the responses section, you should be in the individual tab and in the individual tab the eighth response is the response where I have just enabled the manual review so this is the eighth response I just added our fake email ID I want to just test this one so I'll just use a fake email ID and here the release score the option is available whereas for the previous response the relief score is not available because the score has been released and the person knows the score and talking about this one here the question which is having the answer type as paragraph answer type this cushion automatically it is showing as the answer is wrong for that we have to make it right how should we just make it right we have to make it this answer is right may adding the points that you want to give for this answer I'm gonna do about ten points for this answer based on this answer apart from this I can add individual feedback further response of this question okay and after adding the point for this you have to click on save and even then you can find that this answer is wrong because I was just given partial marks, not complete locks let us just try adding 20 out of 20 and now just click on save now you can find that this question the answer for this question is right okay so when the person will be given the complete marks then only the answer will be shown as the right answer when it provides partial marks even then in the response section, we had been shown as a wrong answer okay so this is how you should review manually if you are just choosing the answer type to be a paragraph answer type and after that, you have to click on release score and when you click on release score if you have a number of responses available there then all the emails will be available here okay and if you want to just release the score for this individual person then you have to just check only this person's email and I check all the emails as all the emails present right now in the responses section for this forum is only XYZ and both have been selected and apart from this you can also send a custom message in the email okay.

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