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Using Certify'em add on for a quiz form

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so in this video we are going to make use of this 35 expansion I will explain you how to add the add-on for your Google Form in order to improve its functionality and after that, we are going to make use of the certifying extinction and enable certification for all the students who have passed out this quiz there are two important steps to know before making use of the certifying extension the first one is disabled in the presentation section the shuffle caution order option because according to certify them the second the question should ask the name of the person and this answer will be utilized while creating PDF certification for the particular person who is responsible this form and when you just enable shuffling what happens is that the second question will not be the second question rather it will change and the second the question can be the third question or fourth question and hence it's better to avoid shuffling of the question order so I will just disable this one and me mean I will just save it the shuffling will be disabled and the second question here will remain in the second position only so now let us add a cushion where we are going to ask the name of the person so what is your name and as a type should be a short answer so by default Google has just detected it and chose answer as short answer text so here the other thing that you have to do is that for this answer key, there are about 20 points assigned automatically you have to just click on the answer key and this cushion should have no points so just give it as 0 points just add 0 value there and again come to edit the question and hence this will be utilized while creating a PDF certificate if there is Cornyn has passed out the quiz another important thing that you should know is that you should be only signed in with a Google account that you are using to create the form so now here I sign in with my account if you have just sign in also with other accounts in this browser what happens is that said if I'm will fail to authorize and when it fails to authorize what happens is that you cannot make use of certifying add-on and hence Yahoo sign out of all the Google accounts apart from the Google account that you are using to create Google form so these are the two important things that you should know now let us just Click on more and click on add ons in order to add ons for this google form here we are going to you add the certifying add-on just click on the add button here and when you click that it will open a new tab where you have to sign in with your Google account and you have new access to this satisfying add-on for your Google Drive you so after we have just signed in and we have accepted giving access to the certifying add-on now it will come back to the same tab where we are creating the form and here it shows us that the add-on will be available when you click this icon just click got it and now let us click this icon here the two add-ons that I am using are available I will just click on certify them now I will just click on show certifying controls when I will just click on show certify them controls it will open a new pop-up at the bottom the right-hand side and here you have just click on turn on in order to turn on the certification for this form the certificate records is the spreadsheet created by certifying just click on certificate records and it will open a new pop-up with a spreadsheet where you can see the different columns created by the certifying extension that includes the email the full name of the person the certificate ID and also the information regarding whether the person has actually passed out or not and even the percentage score of a particular person will be available here the person means the student or the person who is actually attempting the quiz that we have created the certifying records are different from the spreadsheet that you have attached to the response section of this form now you can just select passing percentage it is 80% by default but I want to just keep 60% as the passing personage after that you can choose the template that you want to make use of in order to create the certificate you should visit the certifying website in order to view all the templates or else disk click review all and it will open its website where you can preview all the templates so you're the golden template is the default one and it will be in this manner when you click advanced then it will open Advanced Settings then you can edit the message that should be shown upon submission the name of the sender the subject of the email the contents of the body and the format of certificate whether it should be an image or a PDF you can also share apart from the email, you can also share with a Google Drive link and it's better to have a look at the detailed instructions before changing all these Advanced Options I'm going to just leave it as a default and whenever to let's leave it as a default in the subject of the email and condense of the body all will be the default text by certifying itself so these are the changes that we have just made just minimize 8 and now I'm going to attempt this quiz again how disable shuffling and also I have removed the paragraph text answer because for that it requires for us to give the feedback manually one other change that we have to do is that if we had to go to the settings section and in the quizzes section previously we have chosen this option saying later of her manual review as we have added a paragraph answer type let us just change it to immediately offer each submission and apart from that let us add a different message saying the certificate will be sent to your account if you have passed so the certificate will be sent to your email, if you have scored more than 60% I'll just click on save you should not forget to click Save button so I will just turn on certification and offer to turn on a certification I will just go to the preview section and attempt my examination so now I will let him thus quiz and after attending the quiz I will just show you how the email will be sent what will be the subject the name of the person from which the email will be sent and how the certificate will be so I have completed the quiz and now after submitting it you can see the message is displayed as hooray you have successfully completed this quiz the certificate will be sent to your email if you scored more than 60% so of course I added all the answers right answers here and now I will go to my email I will open my email and show you how the email peace you so guys within no the time you can see here that I have got an email from satisfying and the name is certifying itself you can change it as I showed you how you should do that in advanced settings option and here the subject is your certificate is here for a simple quiz and when I will just open that the message will be congrats in Ian you passed your certificate is attached to this email for you to download and print and the certificate ID is also available here and when I will just open it this is how the certificate will be the name and person page and also the certificate ID is available I don't know where each answer I didn't read as the wrong answer I'll just go and click on view score oh how attempted this answer is wrong it was Carol actually and hence I have got 80% so this is how you can make use to satisfying them in order to provide free certificates for the person who attempts the quiz that you have created so let's just go back in the simple quiz and nowhere let us just open the certificate cards and view how the sheet is so here the sheet includes the time the certificate ID the total score the percentage and whether the person has passed or not this is how the certifying records will be so let's close this one and now let us try adding advanced settings changing the Advanced Options I want to keep the name of the sender as engine the only subject of the email hooray you passed away any condensed of the body so I will click on Save Changes I'll try to attempt the quiz again so I'll just add Emily the quiz again I will go back to my email and see how the certificate will be how the email will be sent so just click on refresh and it's loading still and now I have got the certificate now the name is the name of the sender is what I have chosen and the subject is hurraying you passed away and this is how you can change the Advanced Options another important thing which I have forgot to tell you is the limiting option in the general section where you can limit to one response so this requires the person to sign in in order to fill up the form and this is very important because you don't want the student to attempt the examination more than one time so you want to Adam then only for one time and hence you should limit the response for only one time and apart from that this ponens can edit off the summit you should not allow this against see summary charts and text responses you can enable or disable that it's better to a response send the response receives for the people who attempt the quiz so they can analyze how their performance was you can also choose whether if a response should be sent to him the response was it should be sent to him only when he requests so by default in the presentation section as we have limited the forum response for only one time this option has been disabled which is showing to submit another response so these are the different changes that you can do and now let me click Save this is how you create a beautiful form this marks the end of the course.

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