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Instructions about Certify'em add on

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Welcome back this video is a bit different from all the videos in this section we're going to give more power for our quiz form and how we are going to do that we are going to do that by making use of add-on and the add-on that we are going to use is that if I am this iron is very helpful with the help of this add-on what you can do is that for any quiz that you create when the student or any person is Adam that quiz and when he gets a minimum trade that you have set then automatically Fickett will be generated and an email will be sent to his email account with a certificate so you can see the default templates here a certificate ok let's that and the name of the person will be there and the form that he has completed the name of the form will be there that aid will be there and the percentage it will also be shown here and the certificate ID will also be generated you have our different templates you have to just may choose any one of the templates by default the golden template will be used and sent as a certificate to the forum respondent before making use of the certifying add-on it's better to read their instructions in instructions they have just shown how to install or enable certify them to enable certifying you have to just go to the add-on section and add the certify them and you have to log in with your email id and you access to the certify them for some features of your drive and how you should make use of a self I'm extension it is being demonstrated from the second point saying yeah I just click on the add-ons option that will be in this format and you have to click on show certifying controls and when you click on show certify arm controls then a pop-up will be displayed on the right hand side now in the third point the procedure is being shown here first the email address should be there and next the name of the person should be there so whatever the question that will be present as a second question the answer for that will be used as a name of that person so you should be careful and you should add the second question to be a name so in the case where we have to enable shuffling of the cushion order then what happens is that the questions will be stuff fling and in the same manner this second question will also be shuffling where the person should add his name and hence it is important for us to disable shuffling and then only we will be able to make use of this extension so here you can get to know which answer type will be more suitable it says that certifying can grade any question that can be assigned points and a correct answer with a correct exception of grid questions so except the grid cushions except for the grid answer types again you make use of any answer type for which you can assign the point values but it also makes sense that we cannot use a paragraph answer because by default for the paragraph answer the answer will be wrong okay so my suggestion is that make use of our drop-down checkbox or a multiple choice answer type and after that, you have to choose a passing percentage and when the person gets more percentage than this passing percentage then the email will be sent to him with a certificate so here this is a pop-up will which will be shown when you have enabled the certify them add-on and open the certifying controls here you are just turn on the certify them and also turning on the certify them you can click on certificate records to view the people who have got the certificates and after that, you have to choose the passing the percentage here and below the option to choose the template is available so here are you can get to know more about the certification records it says that certifies them also keeps its own records for each exam so 35 records is a spreadsheet where you can get to know more about the person who has attempted and the certificate ID that he has got okay and you can also get to know whether the person has passed or not and it will be in this format here you can find the different rows under the certifying records spreadsheet so then you can find the percentage score that each person has caught the certificate ID and whether he has passed or not that information is available in this row.

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