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Creating a simple quiz

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December 18, 2019

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I've actually created a form and I have added few cushions and I also added two options for each cushion that I added in this form so I have not done any extra work I just did a simple work here in order to explain to you as soon as possible I have just added the title as simple quiz offer that I have added about five questions here these are all these questions are just simple which is best heavier metal is the first question and which is the coldest location on the earth is the next question these are all these are simple questions and for these questions I have added about two options so you can also just add any kind of question and you can also add more than one option, first of all, I am going to show you how to create a simple quiz with the help of the multiple-choice answer type so we have just selected all the answers to be multiple choice answers after that I will also show you in their coming quizzes where we are also going to use the short answer type the drop-down answer type and more so first of all here I just created this simple quiz with basic simple questions and different options are added here now for adding all these questions the main task comes here is to click the settings option and after clicking the settings option you have to go to the quizzes section and check this option saying make this quiz offer you will enable this option nowhere you can see and under the quiz options we have got different options as I have said in the previous video you can release the results or the grade right after the student has submitted the form or else you can release them later after manually reviewing each and every answer or a response that you have got for your forum so after that the other options available here are respondent can see whether he can see a missed question correct answers point values so after the student completes the forum if you just select this option saying release the grade immediately after each submission then he can click the view score but and after that what should the respondents see you have to select them here so whether you want to show only missed questions then uncheck these two options and in this case, what happens is that the respondent will be only able to see the missed questions and if you just take this option saying point values then the respondent will also be able to see how many points did he get for a particular question whether it is 0 or if you had just added about 20 points for a question and he has just chosen a right option for that then, in that case, he will get 20 out of 30 and after that if you want to show the respondent also the correct answers that he has attempted then you have to even check this option however the wrong answers will be displayed by default you cannot disable them okay so now here we have just created a quiz Oh something is wrong here we have not created a quiz right now if you have just created a quiz then the answer key option should be available here what is the wrong thing that we have done nothing we have just forgot to Click the Save button so you should be careful when you make changes in the settings section you should click the Save button for sure so here check this and after that click Save now I would just show you one thing here the 20 points are being shown by default how did I just do that how done it by clicking the more option and then going to the preferences section and when I just click the Preferences option there then it has opened a pop-up where at the bottom the default quiz point value is being shown so right now it is showing 20 but actually by default the Google Form will set it as 0 and all the questions that you have added on to your form the default value for them will be the zero points and you have to just add a point for each and every question just change them so you should also just go to the preference section and choose the default point values in order to reduce your work of changing the point values for individual cushions now you have to select the right answer for each and every question that you have added just click this option saying answer key and after that now you have to select that option which is right among this two here the right answer is gold so I will just select this one and the points you can just change the points for the individual questions by just adding the value here you can also provide feedback for each in every question so I will just type feedback to be silver is not heaviest metal and after that, you can also, provide a link to explain more about that well not only that you can also just provide a YouTube video link for that just click on that it will open a pop-up where you have to provide a youtube link or make a search regarding happens middle and if you find the related videos you can select one of them and you're gonna click this link option Lladro just add the link and also you can edit the text that should be displayed instead of the link so this is the feedback that I have added for this, in the same manner, I'm going to select the answer for each and every cushion offer to choose all the right options we are done with creating a good quiz right now it's time to preview our quiz and test how it works so I'll just click on the preview option now I'm trying to attempt let us just choose the wrong option and also the right option for different questions that we have added so after selecting all options let us just click the submit the button nowhere about two options are being shown the option saying submit another response is being shown which should not be shown if you want to have only one response from one particular student let us click on view score it shows you the feedback of the quiz that you have attempted the wrong answers that you have chosen and the right answers that you have chosen so this is the total points that I have acquired out of hundred this is my performance so this is a basic quiz that we have created in the next video we are going to improve this quiz a lot.

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