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Creating a form for specific need

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I'm going to create a form for one of the video that I have created for my YouTube channel so this is how my YouTube channel art looks like and in one of the videos recent videos have explained how to create a YouTube channel ad in the way that how created if the person is not able to understand how to create a YouTube channel art even after watching that video then at the end I have mentioned that I will try to help them if they want to create a channel art like the one that how created all they had to do is that they had to click the link given in the description and it will trigger a Google Form that I have created now let us create the form I'm going to select the blank template right now and now I will just type in the title add the description and after that the first question will be named select answer type as short answer I don't want to make it as a required question and after that go to the settings section and check this checkbox saying collect email addresses and then click Save the next question that we are going to add is add YouTube channel link the answer is short answer and it is detected by Google Form itself I want to change the response validation basically the response validation that is set by Google by default after adding the question ease the text and the URL format but I don't want the URL format to be chosen rather I want to select the contains option and after that I will just go to YouTube up the channel I'll just select all these autos if you don't want to create any kind of difficulties then you can just select this content up to however as we are mentioning that the user should add the YouTube long URL instead of short URL then you can slip up to channel paste it here in the text section and after that add a custom error message so in the error message we are going to add the messages add long URL of your YouTube channel so we have added this and we want to make this ocean to be required one so I'll check this off again seeing required and after then the next question that we are going to add is how much do you want to pay for this the answer will be a short answer and next I want this question to be required I want to add a description for this one so just click this here description so I just added its description saying I'm interested to create turn a lot from $5 to $50 and next we are also going to add response validation for this the number it's between so to select this option saying between and it should be between 5 and 50 so we have added a custom error message for that so after that we want to know how the user wants his channel ought to be so here we have added a question saying tell us more about how your channel art should be and then let us make it a required cushion an X question that we are going to add is do you want to share any images and this one should be a multiple choice question and the option one will be yes the next option will be no yeah yes and no options are added here and let us make it a required question and next we are going to add a section so after section one continue to the next section no we don't want to continue to the next section we want to submit the form but in discussion click this more option here and down go to section based on answers select this one so we want to send the user to the next section if he chooses the option one saying yes so this is okay continue to next section and if the user says no then we want to submit the form so let us add the title for the section saying so I made your images and next the question will be our files after adding these questions the answer format will be file upload and the respondents upload their files to drive so they should sign in in order to upload their files to this form let us click continue for this and after that here we have got some options to set allow only specific file types yes of course I want to allow only specific file types that should be image or also it can also be a drawing I don't want any PDF files video files audio files or any other files I just want image in drawing formatted files okay the maximum number of the files will be and I don't restrict the user to send only one file at a time so the maximum number of files will be N and next the maximum file size I want the file size the limit for the file size to be 100 MB so this is odd I want to set this from can accept up to 1gb of files I want to change this I want to allow up to 10 GB so when I will just click on change then here at the bottom I have got the option to increase the maximum size of the files uploaded to this form I set it to be 10 GB and click on save so now we house said this question called add files that can allow the user to upload the images of each file of maximum to be 100 MB and not only that the maximum number of files like that they can share with us at a time is 10 I will not make this option as required and you should not make it required because it will be difficult for the user to submit the form if he doesn't want to add any files and next another a question I will add here and the question will be explained how I should use this images and it should be a paragraph answer and even this one I don't want it to be required answer so here we have created our form and we have just edited the settings of different cushions such as add file section and now we are going to click this preview option so we are in the previous section of the Google form that we are that we have created let us try adding the answers for different questions in the email or section until and unless I will add email address it will not accept it next I can add the name but it is optional for this question call add YouTube channel link we have added a response validation where we have set a condition saying that the URL that will be added here should contain a part of the YouTube channel URL the YouTube channel URL do contains the website address of YouTube that is and it is followed by slash channel slash and at the end a YouTube channel ID will be present so we have copied the text up to ww2 com / channel slash and we have pasted it in the response validation section in order to accept any URL which contains this text and also in some cases the person may add shortened URL and hence in the error message we have notified him saying that please do paste the wrong URL of your YouTube channel so let us try adding a YouTube channel link here so and here we can observe that even if we have our at a yet it is showing the error message saying add long URL of your YouTube channel so let us add slash Channel slash oh so it is yet showing an error message I think probably we have also pasted the HTTP in the response validation so let me type HTTP and slash so now as I have added the HTTP you can and the error message has gone is this means that it will check the complete URL up to channel and if this text is present then only it will accept it the next question is how much do you want to pay whether fie dollar it can be from $5 to $50 as mentioned in the description of this question so let me try adding four dollars it will not accept it and it will show their error message let me add sixty dollars and even then it will not accept it it will only accept the values that are between dollar Phi two dollar fifty the next question is tell us more about how your channel art should be so here how allowed the user to share his thoughts and ideas about how his channel art should be and you can add some information here so after adding some information at the end you will get a question saying do you want to share any images if the person who is filling this form chooses the option saying yes then he will be he will be sent to the next section of this forum and if he chooses the option saying no then the form will be submitted so let us choose the option saying yes and click the next button so as how click the next button and in the previous question has a selected the option saying yes and asked about do you want to share any images it has redirected me to the next section of this forum where I can add image files and also you can share an information about how I should use this email images while creating a channel odd when I click this add file option it will open a new pop-up where I can upload the images right from the computer or I can upload it from my drive or are based on any previously selected images and after selecting an image I can submit the form so this is how I have used the Google form in order to allow the people to ask me to create a channel art for them in the same manner you can use the Google Forms in various manners in your daily life and also in professional life.

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