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Creating a simple Contact us form

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in the previous videos we were discussing about the site map of the Google Form editor and from this video we are going to create different kinds of forms and in this particular video we are going to create a contact us form in the contact us form the main thing that we want is a message that the responder will send and not only the message in written to the message it's necessary for us to reply that message so we also need an email address of the person who has contacted us and in addition you can also add a cushion called name and you can just keep it as optional start by clicking this blank template option after clicking this option here right now the forms title is untitled form rename it as contact form you can use this contact as form and emitted in your website or a blog as it will generate a frame for you when you click the send button you can add more information about the form in the forum description so we'll just type in as please explain your message in detail here the first question that I want to add is name and this should include a short answer and click this add question option and now I want to access the email address of the person who is contacting me here the email address is also a short answer you can also collect the email of the person by clicking this settings option and checking this box called as collect email address so it will automatically add a question here but you have to just save that offer checking this option and when you save that it will automatically include this question call as email address and it is marked as compulsory or mandatory or else you can also add a question via where you want to collect the email address and mark it as mandatory but the challenge here is that the answer that the user types here should be particularly email address so first let's go to the preview mode and here let's check whether it is detecting that whether the person is actually adding email address or else it is accepting any kind of content that the user adds so now it's let's check by just adding one two three so now you can hear observe that it is not detecting that this is not an email address we want a verification of the answer to be email address in order to do so you should click this option this more button and here click this response validation in this one you should select the text and the condition that you want to keep is it should be a email address and if the user doesn't add an email address what message do you want to show to the user so I just type it here as please enter a valid email now let us again preview our form now let us try by adding an email address yeah now it is detecting that whether the user has added an email address or else he's just adding a text here in this short answer text box so it is showing the message that we have added which is please enter a valid email so after adding an email address you should make it mandatory to make it mandatory you have to just check this option called required after that let us add another question let us add a question called as phone number and without keeping it mandatory so this all number we have just added so click on response validation so it has automatically detected that the next question that we are adding here is a phone number and based on that it has selected that the response validation is in number apart from just choosing the validation to have a number I want a 10 digit number which is acceptable in my country so it should be between it should not be greater than I'll choose this option called between there are other options also saying greater than or equal to less than less than or equal to equal to not equal to and more why I am just choosing between is that the number should be greater than 10 to the power of 10 and 10 to the power of 11 in order to be a phone number of my country so we'll just click this option called between and now I should add about 1 followed by 9 zeros which is 10 to the power of 10 and here how to type 1 followed by 10 zeros I will check it again you can also use copy and paste method in order to easily add the numbers here ok let's try and now let us just go to the preview mode and check whether I am able to add a number which is only 10 digits so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 so it's exactly 10 digits if I will add one more number again the message is displaying this message is really ugly saying must be a number between this and this value so I will display a custom error message saying please enter a valid phone number I am making this question to be required because so many people will feel it insecure to share their phone number and as it is a contact us form I think it's not necessary to get the phone number of the user now we will add a new section called as message which is the main cushion for this contact as form yeah based on the text it has automatically choose the answer type so this is one other advantage of Google form how it is written the cushion as message and reading that it has automatically chosen the answer to be a long answer text make this option required let us check what we can add as response validation for this type of cushions so you have option to choose the length of the text box that we are adding and regular expression you can just use that whether it contains and doesn't contains this in match so you can also keep these conditions for your a message right now I'm just restricting the user to add about message which is less than which is having a maximum character count of 2000 and I will add a custom error message saying should contain maximum characters of 2000 only yeah we are done with creating a simple contact as form let us just hit this preview button and test it how does it look like in here you can just add your name in the next step you have to add your email address and in the phone number section you should add the phone number and in the message section it can add about content which should be less than 2000 characters okay after that you can submit your form.

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