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Using line scale answer type

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video we are going to create a very simple form and the reason why I have included this video in this course is to introduce you a different kind of asset type called linear scale type so before just explaining at you about the answer type I will talk about the things that are already added in order to make the video short so I have just edited the form background how this of this image from Google how not uploaded this infographic ok and after that I have just named this one as vanilla ice cream the theme of this form is to collect reviews and ratings for one of the products that the hotel is offering how added a small description saying this is a simple form to collect ratings for one of our products I also added a cushion saying how do you rate vanilla ice cream it's better to also add an image for this as I have no image I will just search on Google and try to add the same here yeah I find so many images here I'll just add this image and hit the select button and now the image will be available here so when you click this more about more button you have got different options to change to remove this one you can also add a caption for this so here you can add a caption for this one but here in this question type it's not necessary for me to add a caption for this image so let's uncheck that one I want this to be center-aligned so at the bottom the answer type is multiple choice answer but I don't want to add a multiple choice answer here it's better to choose a linear scale so when you choose this option called linear scale now you can use this one as a rating bar so this includes the ratings from one to five you can also include a label for the ratings so for the near the 1 number one you can add any text saying very bad or else you can also add an X for Phi saying excellent so let's just try that adding a label here so now after adding the label let's preview this one and now you will get a clearer idea yeah here what you can observe is that at the bottom we have a label after the radio button one as bad and after the radio button five we have the label as good so instead of adding the label as text you can also add emojis or text icons you can add that I try to add emojis so we have created a question call ratings now we have to include another question just hit this add question option and below let us type a question saying write a review ok I'll just type the question saying write a review for vanilla ice cream and here I will not make this question to be required because people may be interested to add a review or not but I should just check the options in required for the first question that is readings because it's necessary for the user to add the rating and next here what should I do is that I should send this form to only few people so I should send via email option so only the people who are included in this email can only submit the form here also you can op this option called collect email addresses it's not necessary that you just adjust any of this option saying limit to one response I did offer submit because they can edit even after they have submitted a form as it is a review in reading form so hope it's a good one so send this form with the help of an email.

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