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Other options available in Google Forms

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so here you have got an option to undo the changes that you make you can also use the commands such as command-z or control-z if you are on Windows and not only that you can also redo by keys which means that you had a whole is Shift key and then you have to click command Z or control Z if you are on Windows if you want to make a copy of this form you have to just click this option if you want to delete this form you you have to click this option called move tube in what is a prefilled link sometimes it is necessary for us to show the user how the responses should be like in order to give a clear view of how the responses should be and in order to get a perfect answer from the user it's better to show a demo form which has been prefilled and in order to get the prefilled you have to just click here and it will open a new tab where you have to fill the responses for this form and when you click the get link option it will generate a link for you and you can use this link to show the users how the responses should be you can use this print option and it will open a new tab where you can print this into a hardcopy and you can find that it is more responsive as I just chosen there was a short answer text for the name question and for the address question it was long answer text more lines are being displayed so you can just make a hard copy of this google form by clicking the print option so offer the print option you have got ad collaborators option when you click this add collaborators option it can add collaborators for this form you have to just add the email addresses and click the send button and they will be able to edit this form if you have an idea about Apps Script Google Apps Script then you can use this script editor to make changes you have also got an option called preferences and in this Preferences tab you will find different options called collect email addresses make questions required default quiz point value so what are the preferences this preferences is a space where you just choose any of this option and this will be applied to any of the form that you will be create so here I have just checked this option called collect email addresses and after that I will just go back to the dashboard and create a new form and in that form this option will be enabled in the settings section which means that by default the form will add a cushion called email addresses are required and here when I will just take this option called make questions required then every time in any form that I am creating every cushion will be added as required however I can just uncheck this option here called required which is being displayed here individually for each and every question if I don't want to make the question required and even the point value if you just set this to be one two three four or any value and then you will just click Save then in any question future the point default point value will be four.

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