How to use paid Facebook ads and convert to buyers

How to use paid Facebook ads to get people to your site and convert to buyers

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: So you've been working a lot on doing Facebook ads and , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, every time somebody starts a business their main marketing strategy is I'm gonna market on Facebook Twitter and giving you a business cards and flyers so you know that's part of everybody's initial marketing strategy so tell us you and you specifically paid Facebook marketing and if you look I know that if you pay Facebook marketing right it can be so effective so can you maybe tell us what you're doing and how you selected for you and how people maybe can use it in their business yeah you know free or paid you know Facebook is definitely harder to get a further reach but you know in the paid space the best bang for your buck right now is still probably in the Facebook ad space you know releasing unpublished posts you know to generate leads is the best way to build your mailing list you can also do it to to build likes and shares but more than likely it should be focused on building your list because eventually you know if Facebook you know does potentially you know do like what meit's myspace does you really want to get those those leads over on to your own mailing list so you can eventually retarget them later so really the trick to to Facebook is really no trick at all it's a lot of iteration and a lot of hard work to figure out what ads are actually working so you can use the ad manager inside Facebook and there's a section on there called unpublished posts.

You can generate a an image put that image in your ad with a nice headline and some short text and the difference between an unpublished post and a direct post or a boosted post is that when you click the image the it actually takes you away from facebook on to the landing page to collect the lead if you use a boosted post or the other regular posts it just takes you to a certain section inside Facebook you know and it has worked well in both ways so you have to really test it what really works for you but having beautiful images in the facebook feed that are specific to a target audience and you you target really really well using this social using graph search and figuring out what people are liking so you don't have to spend a lot of money all you have to do is really spend you know five to twenty five dollars a day and you can really generate build your list really well that's cool yeah I think I'll be hearing well that I think I've been hearing a lot of good things about that specific Facebook targeting that you can do because there's no targeting like that I mean you can't argue about Google but it's very different kind of targeting but this kind of targeting on hobbies and likes and age that's I think this was the only place we get that so I think there's a lot of value there yeah you can directly target your competitors or people who may like similar pages to yours.

So you know it's a very good way to spend money and get a you know a really good ROI it's also a great way to get people into your webinars webinar is a really great way to build your list because it's all about that personalization and that that human factor people want to work with people that they like so doing webinars allows you to do and give away a free value and then potentially have a hook at the end but you're finding a way to connect with your potential audience on a personal level through your webinars getting feedback during the webinars getting questions asked and then building your email list at the same time.

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