How to optimize your Twitter feed for higher clicktrough

How to optimize your Twitter feed for higher clicktrough with timing tools

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: So as I understand that you have a unique way to optimize scooter feeds from buffer and maybe you can talk a little bit about that and , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, well I'm a huge Twitter junkie I've been on Twitter since 2007 and I've been tweeting for a long time now and I really created some unbelievable relationships but you know as more people have been on Twitter it actually it's the Reach's and they're people don't listen to your stuff so you have to really figure out how to provide value and the best way with Twitter there's two different ways I approach it is share other people's stuff you know maybe people who are you know in your industry or even competitors you know share their stuff so you can kind of put yourself out there as kind of the expert in your targeted niche and you know make sure that you you're optimizing your tweets with those person's handles with the right keywords so you can figure out what people like and then you can do all that by scheduling in it in buffer or HootSuite or some of those other programs I particularly use buffer and I figure out the best times to tweet I do that by using a tool called tweeted twitter IOD and you just connect to Twitter and it shows you when most people are online so then you can really look at the analytics to figure out when you should be posting your automatic tweets now there's a lot of new stuff out there where people use certain twitter applications that don't show buffer ads so you can never you know go completely manual Twitter is an open chatroom you want to figure out ways to really connect with people and actually talk to them so you can only schedule so much but that's the best way that I recommend doing it figuring out right at the right times and then showing value by sharing other people's links along with your own links as well and you know talking to people like sometimes I'm up in the middle all night you know three or four o'clock in the morning and I'm listening to some podcast and I get super inspired by it and I love it there's no way I'm gonna tweak that right then so I put it in a buffer and I'll say like you know in the more 10:00 a.m. 10:45 is like an ideal time Eastern time say listening to this podcast I loved it and it with this hashtag and you know people love to see that and they retweet you and they connect with other people and you build your following the other great way to use Twitter is to use Twitter search and really find keywords that people are searching for where they're having problems in my case I was building my e-commerce clientele and I was trying to really learn about what problems people were having in the commerce space so I would look for you know Magento or big commerce or e-commerce conversion or you know any of those type of keywords and I'll figure out what people were kind of talking about and then I would kind of just throw myself into the conversation oh you know how are you having that problem or I'd love to see your site can you show to me and now you know you don't follow them all you do is try to connect with them answer questions become an authority in the niche and provide value and then you'll people will start to follow you based on that aspect well and what is your gig people want to follow you on twitter since we're on the topic what is your Twitter handle it's alex designs all right guys everybody follow Alice design is actually really insightful tweeting going on there.

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