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Case study of how to optimize a sales funnel and bring in clients for a business

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: You have a great business you have a lot of customers and leaves and things like that can you share maybe how you know the case study of how you created your business your sales funnel how you optimize what you do to bring in clients , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, yeah I run a service business and I'm trying to make it into more of a product customer focused business but you know when I first got started you know I realized very quickly that in order to get the clients you want and get the referrals you want you needed to really build relationships and everything you do online is great but until you take those relationships on from online and you bring them offline and meet the actual people they're only just online friends so you want to stop yourself as a niche in your industry you know I'm a web designer but I don't focus on you know branding logos or what most web designers focus on I focus on making more money from your website and that involves all that internals user experience involves branding and it involves great crave direction but it's specifically focused on how I differentiate myself from everyone else so what I did is I sought out the thought leaders in my industry to figure out how I could essentially do work for them and it wasn't easy when I first started you know none of them wanted to give me the time of day because you know they didn't know who I was that he'd know if I was really reliable or I was just you know talking smack so I wanted to do free work for them I went out to thought leaders in the industry in 2004 and I offered to do free work for as many people as I possibly could and the free work didn't always convert into paid work but I was allowed to use great it myself I to use the free work as examples in my portfolio so that allowed me to really you know create a portfolio and show that I can what I can offer eventually some of those relationships turn into great partnerships and they started referring a lot of work to me and I started getting bigger brands and bigger clients who really wanted my services and as the the web is really developed I've been kind of really niching down as far as possible as I can to ensure that I find only the right clients who kind of fit my perfect client because I love showing value to my clients I love overworking providing a ton of value and making more money you know make making them more money making myself more money and you do that by connecting relationships and every project you get stepping up your game every single time well that's really great you know as we talk like I'm on you know I'm really getting more of a sense for the value of getting more specific into a niche right because there's always this greedy thing like more and more and more and more but I think news you find yourself actually it's so smart like I really like that approach I mean and like when I talk to new entrepreneurs they go broader when I talk to experienced people who actually successful they go niche and that's it's they find things in their wheelhouse and I think you were mentioning things like same with landing pages same with fire finding like this kind of clients so I think it's actually making me I mean think a lot about this kind of stuff directly plays right at an SEO you know we do it when I first started no one was doing landing pages or not many people at the time in 2001 and I immediately start getting started marketing myself as a landing page designer and I was number one for landing page for over seven years I remember you mention that on this show yeah.

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