how to increase email signup conversions

More tips on how to increase email signup conversions

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: Can you please maybe help people and advise like how to best increase email conversion or like the signups for their email newsletters on their blog , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, yeah generating more emails from your blog is is the exact is the basically the foundational example of how you do optimization you figure out what value you're gonna provide and once you kind of have a good idea of what your lead magnet is you tweak your sidebar or your header and yeah try different aspects of where your opt-in form is really gonna be once you figure out the right colors to use it essentially should be eye-catching it should make your I go over there and you can want you to click it so once you've figured that the right colors out then you start to test different headlines and different value propositions you can use the same lead magnet or ebook or ever you want but just position in different ways if you were having a blog post about raising money for from VC or or for startups you'd maybe position your book about the best ways to generate leads from for your startup so raise money for your startups or anything like that and then you tweet the form many different ways because even though your competitors or someone else is positioning the form in the exact same way it doesn't mean that it's necessarily gonna work the same way for you so you have to go into user experience mode in test different ways that the the forms Bishop maybe you want the labels the names of each field inside the actual form field maybe you want it on the outside maybe you want it on top maybe you want to have a button that's bigger or may bow on the button that's brighter do you want a little text underneath the button that says we value your privacy and will never spam with a little lock but you have to test all those little iterations to figure out how to generate more leads because you'll start to do that stuff and then that pattern will kind of build you know how your audience really likes to give you their email address and then once you kind of figure that what's the right hook how you can persuade them in the right way then you can essentially kind of do more of those type of things.

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