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Example for how to increase conversion of a real website

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: Actually the first awesome topic that you have for us is really how to improve the conversion of my website which is probably mio calm and I'm really looking forward to this because it's gonna help me sell more to you guys I also have free r3 I also have free things but you know it's a business so we'll all learn how to UM so, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, yeah you know I was checking out the problem EO site and it looks like you you're making some great content and products on you know I think you just have to kind of tie it all together whenever I start to review aside and I look at it I always immediately arrive there and I close my eyes and I immediately open them.

If I don't know what you do within just a couple seconds then you're missing the unique value proposition because right now you have on the site mobile apps for business planning business ideas fundraising and marketing but it looks like a developer has created it you know so that's everything that you're offering but you know what's in it for me so you know you know immediately I want to ask that and you know there's a couple ways to kind of do that you want to kind of figure out how you can segment your traffic to get them to the finish line a lot quicker I mean obviously you want them to you know go to business planning a for the ideas marketing or fundraising app and go to each individual button as well but maybe there's a way that you can test to bring them through like each of their own funnels to ensure that the right app is for you and you can do that by creating like a quiz or some type of step process where you ask them oh are you an entrepreneur are you creating a business plan are you looking to raise money and then once they click on that you can take him to a page that says oh here's a free app for you to do all that stuff so I think what a lot of times companies do wrong is that they use the tools as the drivers people don't sign up for tools people sign up for their lives to be better so you want to sell them on making their lives better through your apps and you'll get more qualified people as well to do that so you know in your case you know the site's nice and clean and I see it's responsive and you have a great video there as well.

I think it's almost missing of why am I really here and am I getting switch would it help me if I do like a big headline like resources to help you start plan and grow your business yeah without a bad headline well I definitely do not call myself a copywriter I'm good at making call to actions and short phrases and stuff but you'd want something that's very direct so people can essentially scan it over that with the picture and in the logo it immediately she immediately should be compelling enough for you to understand exactly what the benefit is what it's what's in it for me so let me put you on the spot well you for your taste what would be the headline that would get you kind of it would be free apps to help you make more money on your with your business what's up with the free man we're trying to make money here have a lot of free stuff but you know it's not necessarily you know adding free but some type of incentive that makes them feel like they should you know want to actually continue with the relationship because you're just introducing them in the to your company so you wanna I you know if I were to be looking at your model just for the very first time I would say that you'd want to create a community around all of your apps and then you know have the community kind of telling you what apps they're kind of using so not only are you doing QA inside of your apps you're creating more of a membership area that's all related about all the things that you offer because you have a lot of great stuff the UNAM e courses the apps the books so you're just creating essentially a plan for the entrepreneurs toolbox put that all into a forum and then allow people to be part of the community and then see all the apps that you have to offer you know cuz obviously you want a big conversion rate you know getting more people to buy your 99-cent apps but the bigger benefit would be to create a long term relationship with anybody who's visiting it. 

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