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Experience, publications, and other important sections of your LinkedIn profile

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription :  In this video let's focus on the next important item on your LinkedIn which really is a part of your online resume which is your experience this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and what you want to do is write experience that puts your best foot forward so I'm going to examine this problem you calm that's my main work and I'm gonna examine this in detail and then of course in your case whatever experience you have you want to replicate the same thing for all the jobs you have because that you don't need me to do the same thing for every job that I had or every position that I had so first of all the most important thing is to make sure you have no gaps in your resume and a lot of the projects find a way to make them longer if you have like if you have contracts that are two months three months a client that had that maybe two months three months long it doesn't look great so maybe you can put all your single clients under one company and then the company can be going on for a long time a lot of times I've seen like freelancer okay but freelancer not for one company but over time over three years then of course people see your job title in my case I wrote this particular title awhile ago because I'm a small business owner CEO and CMO doesn't make sense anymore this is left over when I was mostly working on mobile apps now would be owner of probably me Oh calm and of course I do make sure to say problem you're calm and then have the link problem you're calm so that people know okay we gotta go to problem you know calm then you want to add a lot of white space between the points just to make it easier for people to read if you have projects or accomplishments definitely add them here in my case I added these links now let's go in and try to mess around and edit some of these here's that experience section of my profile and we're gonna focus on this problem you'll experience as much as possible you want to add the logo as well and let's edit this and the more rich content you can have the better so like extra links to maybe videos uploads of different presentations you made but not just any old thing but something actually good because he a long time ago I put this video in here now when I think about it I'm like hmm I don't think this video really represents me in the best light just because it's old now and it's not as well made as I could make videos now so it would actually send their own message so now I wouldn't add this so in this case I would just say delete this media so you want to just make sure that everything that's written here is written well positions you as a quality professional it's clear has good grammar everything like that and keep in mind that this is not the only place where you're going to be able to display things about you because there's so many things in addition to this that you can add for example this button add profile section look at all the things you can add your background you can add education licenses and certifications volunteer experience accomplishments and accomplishments are you know a lot of things courses I've taken a lot of courses as a student I've done a lot of projects I've gotten a lot of on you know I've gotten some honors test scores especially you can complete some things on LinkedIn languages you speak if you have two languages listed here any communities you were involved in anything that actually shows that oh you're you're doing a lot and you're well-rounded and things like organizations and volunteering shows that you're also socially adjusted you're probably good to be around with good to work with so you want to go through these and obviously not all of these will apply to people some people have patents most people don't have patents publications well this can be some books that maybe you wrote ebooks maybe PDFs maybe articles so if you have this even LinkedIn tells you look list your publish work and be times more likely to be discovered so yeah you definitely want to add a publication like a book right so like it might in my case I'm promoting your book so this would be really good thing to add my book so here's how I would fill out this section business plan book itself published I gave it that proximate publication they'd actually don't remember exactly but I gave it my Amazon URL and I added a little description this business plan book is currently used by a number of universities and has been the top business planning book on Amazon for the last few years that's pretty strong so you'd save that and then when you go to your public profile see publications so you got publications so you would want to add as much as possible to your profile here not just the experience but also below your experience all the things you can that you would find applicable to your situation in that drop-down that we saw specifically this drop down for add profile section in the accomplishments you see that there's a lot of things of course this is also where you find the recommendations and background as well so there's a lot you can fill out here so definitely take that definitely take the time to do that because this will make your LinkedIn profile look a lot more complete and of course whoever looks at it will be much more impressed.  

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