How to Use LinkedIn for Personal Online Reputation Management

LinkedIn as your reputation management on online resume

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription : Whatever you're doing online whether it's looking for work and sending out your resume or selling anything or actually doing any of those both of those any person can do both of those doing any kind of business looking for work this video is brought to you, by Appy Pie Academy people will look you up and actually funny enough like for this search a hundred and one people searched in the last 28 days I've got some stalkers but anyway that's not what I wanted to show you here the second organic result is LinkedIn and LinkedIn is your online resume and in the next few videos we're going to explore exactly how to make your LinkedIn online resume stand out to make you look like a million bucks so that people want to hire you to do business with you and trust you Trust is the first thing that you have to earn before anyone takes the next step and it really actually starts with your blurb because see people here can learn a little bit about you before even clicking so you have to have a good byline name and what you write about yourself in the very first parts of your LinkedIn description actually will come up here and in the next few videos we're gonna go over of how to set everything up so that your LinkedIn is spotless you've got your recommendations and oarsman's your experience looks amazing everything so that everyone who comes across your LinkedIn will be wild and they'll want to pursue working with you.

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