How to update your byline for promote business or brand

Updating your byline to promote your business or brand you

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription:  Now there's another place to promote your website that's very prominent and that's this byline this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy let's actually take a look at how to change that so this professor at the university let's change it to in my case I would say something that features my website if I wanted to have a chop prominently I help businesses grow at probably me Oh calm and then I brand myself top 1% instructor on and a best-selling author in your case whatever your absolute best foot forward is that's what you would have here whatever your amazing accomplishment is or how you stand out and also have your website here like this just gives you away to display your website more prominently so people can go there so you see the professor as curiosity was what we had before and here we had this website's a link which now will be probably calmer because we previously changed it but also what's going to happen is look at the byline it's now gonna contain your domain name see that so you have your domain name here and you're here it's more likely that people will actually go to your website if you're selling anything from there or if you're promoting anything there that's great.

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