How to Start Online Directory website? Easy Step-by-Step

Managing your website listing on your contacts details

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription : In this video, I want to show you an important part of managing your contact information and that's the link to your actual website this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy when you have one website listed it's gonna actually show the website name if you have multiple websites listed under websites it's actually just gonna say websites which are very ambiguous and not as clear because people have to click on it to see what the websites are and most people don't click you hope them click but they just kind of scroll past but here this brands you and this tells them what the website is immediately so I recommend actually having one main website that's yours that you want to promote or that you want to display or showcase so that's my profile when I'm not logged in that's how people see it now let me show you how this looks when you are logged in when you're logged in under this the area here in contact info which you would do is just edit it and you see what I meant by having multiple websites is you can say add a website and if you add another one it's gonna make your website area look more generic I'll show you an example see if I say and I save it when I go and look at my public profile look what's going to happen you see this is how it looks like when I only have one site now I'll refresh it because now I have two websites see it just has websites and then a person has to click and only then they see what the websites are and even then it's confusing like which one should they go to so I really just have one website so I'm going to remove that test a website that I added and I'm gonna say save and while you're here in this area there's one more thing there's this birthday field should you have your birthday listed well it's professional so you don't really need your birthday listed unless you want a million people to say happy birthday to you which I don't think you need for the most part so what I would do is I would click here birthday visible - and then you check only you and then you save that because you don't need to know how people know how old you are you don't need any of that for professional contacts so that's it that's how you manage your website listing so that if you want people to go to some website then you they know exactly where to go there's no confusion and if you're promoting something on your site then especially because they know what the website is and they can they'll be much more likely to click it if it actually says the domain name instead of just the word websites.

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