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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription : So as you get feedback on your idea and talk to people about your business idea, in general, you will need to explain your idea clearly right this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so you've got to learn what's called how to pitch your idea this is probably the number one pound-for-pound most important thing early on why because you're going to be talking to your customer's investors your friends your family how you describe things on your website when you try to get publicity when you try to hire anyone when you try to get co-founders what do you have to do explain to people what your business is all about getting them excited about it so that they want to then take the next steps with you right whatever that may be investors maybe invite you for a longer meeting or at least ask you questions co-found potential co-founders, if you're looking for them, should get excited about your business and see and see the vision that you're sharing stuff like that potential employers should want to work for you so you're going to be pitching your business every day multiple times a day if you are really working hard on it right so this is a must if you're getting feedback this is also a must you can get around it you've got a pitch for business so everyone you talk to okay here is the goals when you explain your business the point is of having a good concise pitch so that you don't ramble a lot of first-time entrepreneurs and even experienced entrepreneurs they ramble they get excited they get off-track they get sidetracked they give analogies they give examples don't be very simple use clear language be very clear so that people understand this is the number one most the important thing you have to accomplish because if people don't understand everything else is useless right they must understand then you also should be brief people usually talk about an elevator pitch being under 60 seconds under a minute I like under 30 seconds because 60 seconds is also kind of a long time to talk especially in different circumstances, you don't ever know you might need to do it shorter and so what are the goals okay you want to do it be clear be brief and generate interest so the person should understand if it's not for them if they don't care about this idea they should understand that and they can go on their merry way but if it's for them if something in it strikes their interest you should kind of explain it clearly sold and stop so that they can ask you to follow up questions so have you raised money how are you gonna make money how are you marketing this thing you have a team so they'll ask you all kinds of questions and then you'll have a conversation now some advanced things ok the things I mentioned prior to now those were must you must be clear it must be brief things like that some advanced things once you get good at pitching you can also be entertaining like make some jokes even you can be funny and if it's really good you're gonna inspire people because at the end of the idea at the end of your page, they'll see oh wow this person is really gonna change the world ok wow this is something really fascinating I got it I got a really help this person or something or I gotta join their team or me gotta invest this is a big deal here so you've gotta have people do something like you know have that sort of anything if you can make it even personal maybe have it the pitch relate to them in some sense so before you pitch the idea find out a little bit about who you're talking to and see what part of your pitch can you can sort of connect to that person that will also be very very good because then it becomes personal which will be far easier to get people's feelings involved and get them inspired and things like that so that's the pitch goals now let me explain let me give you the speech template which would make it so super easy and the credit for this goes to a Dale resi who is the founder of God it's keeping me now but the fact the founder Institute he's he's the founder of the founder Institute he's the creator of the founder Institute Adele is a multiple time successful entrepreneur very smart guy one of the most respected guys in the startup field and he's great and I learned this template from him so let me explain to you the theory of how to do this and in the next slide I'll actually give you an example I'll actually have two examples so first of all, this is exactly how you put your business my company and you tell the company name you can say is developing and you talk and you say with your product is or you know or you can say has developed or is growing you know what you add your verbs and then you ask you then you explain how the product will be helpful to someone right and then what the problem is that you're solving and sometimes 3 & 4 can be together and I'll show you how to do that in a second and of course everybody wants to know how so number 5 is what I do calls the secret sauce you don't have to give away your secret but just give a high exponent I level explanation of how your business is different how your approach is different and unique and how you have a competitive advantage and again the whole point of this is a lot of people are afraid to tell their business ideas so the whole point of this is to give a very high level but clear explanation of what you are doing so that at the same time you're not giving away your secrets but you are communicating your idea and if you're communicating you are the idea the next is you can have a good conversation about it with whoever you're telling about to whoever you're telling your bitch to so let me give you an example of my business ok I'll tell you an example of my business which basically is I created some mobile applications for entrepreneurs to help them plan and start a business so that was my so I'm going to pitch this business using this template ok and you can use see how you can use this template for your business ok because every business applies and this template can apply to every business so let me try this for you so I'm gonna pitch my business right this is a live example of my own pitch my company problem EUCOM is developing mobile apps to help entrepreneurs plan and start their business by giving them tools and personal help to support them and grow in a company right see that I see what kind of problem I solve is I have them grow a company right and it's gonna give them the support that's how I help them and the secret sauce is by providing live expert help on the apps right so that's the secret feature that's the main feature is that apps give you live coaching it's not just the app's actually connected to an expert a real person which actually is me who is a good person because I've helped over a thousand people of my apps and me think overall there's like hundreds of thousands of people using the apps and it helped over a thousand of them literally by typing and chatting with them so I'm a really good person to get it you know to give help because I have so much experience with it now ok let's do another example of a very different business a restaurant so I'm starting a restaurant that will serve Italian food and you can see I'm merging 3 & 4 right here so to provide quality Italian food in a neighbourhood that doesn't have any Italian restaurants okay that's the problem I'm following there is no Italian restaurants in this neighborhood I think that's the opportunity and advantage of the business will be its uniqueness in the neighbourhood and our world-class chef right so really good food and there's nothing like it in the neighbourhood and that's the business right and try to craft your pitch and if you'd like to post your pitch in the course discussions so that I and other students can critique your pitch that would be actually fun and we can tell you is it clear is it inspiring should it be adjusted you know so feel welcome to post your pitches as course discussions and the rest of the students and myself will help you anyway so hopefully that helps you pitch your business and make it make your explanations really clear so try it and.

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