How to get your first batch printed for free

How to get your first batch printed for free or at a very discounted rate

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription :  Now I want to show you where I printed my cards and I got it I got my the first batch for free a long time ago this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy but look what happens I'm not logged in and they say it's a and by the way, I'm not affiliated with Vistaprint hmm this is not a promotion it's just a company that I used and as soon as I came here look I didn't do anything but they applied a promo code if you're a first-time visitor they try to get you by giving you a discount and look they also save your promo code has been applied like automatically and if you have a different promo code you can enter a different one and there's a many promo code online that actually like you often have your first batch printed for free and you can see even with this discount code at almost 50% off their offers and by the way just a point to make here if you were thinking like make the professional business card you can print them at home it's possible but does not print them at home it's gonna end up like being on flimsy paper, it's gonna look unprofessional if you print them at home they're gonna do that probably at any networking event they're gonna be the single worst business cards and people are gonna throw them away it's gonna make you look terrible and a professional so you got to spend at least a little bit of money it's not expensive for a lot of cards this is probably like a 200 set of cards lets you get started I don't know well probably most likely this is a 200 set of 200 cards and you know it's gonna take you a while to get through it to give it out and you know you it's cheap it's pretty cheap so especially if you do these strategies and sell from these cards they should pay for themselves and the better, the cards are they don't have to be super fancy but they just have to be perfection and the better the as long as they're not bad as long as they're professional if you were able to actually sell with them with the strategies, they should pay for what you pay they should make you money back many folds more than what you pay to have them printed professionally so and you can get you to know many print places they give you discounts here I just wanted to show you Vista Print which is one of the major places where you can print your cards so that's where actually I print my cards you can get them printed anywhere but this place has really big discounts and that's why I'm showing it.

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