How to branding linkedin images

Professionally branding your 2 LinkedIn images

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription : When you start setting up your LinkedIn profile there are two images that you can add this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy you can add a banner that blue thing that you see behind me right now it's empty and your headshot your headshot should be something professional in a dress shirt or a blazer if you're female obviously something professional looking for a female and for the background you can get it custom-made I don't have one but you can get a custom-made on something like five or command I'll show you one that can be effective so this is a friend of mine and LinkedIn professional just Tiffany look what he did basically he had a design for him if you try to design your own because most people are not designers it's gonna look awkward but what you can do is create something like this where it's professionally designed he's got his book there you see the book is a little bit blocked by his photo so he is actually not perfect what I recommend is that you have less text he's got way too much text it's way too small what I do is I would have one-third of the text he has but bigger but what he does have that's very good is he has the book that you know his best-selling book and then he also has what he does in text right so if this was easier to read people would probably read this before they read the very same things he has on his profile so the visual things are the first things people see so if you were directing your designer that you might hire as a freelance designer you would certainly give them the text to add but make sure that when you tell them to add the text say don't put anything on the kind of the left side area here because it's gonna get blocked obviously right some of his text gets blocked and obviously this looks different on mobile and desktop but this is a standard view so you don't want anything to have you want to kind of pad this area on the left side not have anything there he's headshot is perfect and right here I have half of the words or a third of the words but bigger and say exactly what he does because he basically helps small businesses get more clients through social media and SEO and for him that would be a really good strong statement in this case it's a little bit wordy so in your case whatever you do maybe you're an amazing engineer maybe you're an amazing professional at what you do maybe you're number one or something maybe you have an agency you have to be very clear very to-the-point and make sure that it's easy to read and to edit these images all you would do is just click on the little the pencil you have to be logged in you click on the little pencil and you can edit this image or you can edit click the pencil again or you can edit this image so it's very easy and they tell you exactly the size that you wanted to be made so there's no guessing you tell your designer to create it exactly in this image and then once they created you upload a test it out how it looks on mobile how it looks on desktop make sure nothing is blocked easy to read get feedback once your feedback and everything else proves good then you leave it and now you are branded and it's really clear for visitors in one second to see what you do and how you can help.

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