Company page for branding and SEO

Company page for branding and SEO citation

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription :  One thing you can do to give yourself a little more branding and actually to boost your website SEO this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy is cheap on LinkedIn under my network if you go to pages you can create a page for your business for example like I have a page for my business and that page can add like promotions for your company but I also see you can put your website in there and it will act as a citation which means it's not gonna be a tremendous help for your SEO but it will be a tiny tiny help for your SEO not to mention that this will be a good place for you to post things specifically that you are promoting specifically company developments if you don't necessarily want to do that from your personal profile you can do that as a page and then you can add this page to your public profile so that you can further reinforce them there and you can add multiple pages as you saw here I've got a few pages some of them are mine for example this outdoor media that's also mine that I created if you want to create a new page it's a little hard to find so what you would do is you would go to work and at the very bottom here create a company page and then you obviously would create it for a small business and you would fill out all this information with your name your company and it would be public on LinkedIn and that will serve as a citation and for you to further brand yourself and your company.  

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