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Welcome To Instructor Introduction Of Business Idea Generation

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: Welcome to the course my name is Alex Kennedy can now be your instructor I sincerely appreciate the trust and the time that you put in the course and me and I'll do whatever I can to make sure you get help and you achieve your goals for this course including I make sure to answering 99% of student emails and comments within 24 hours and I regularly host office hours now about this course I action-packed it with worksheets and exercises so that you can actually make it the course is actionable you'll be able to do stuff and implement the ideas in the course as you go through it so it's not just theory you'll actually be able to start implementing the ideas in the course and if you're a first-time entrepreneur the business idea is a very foundational thing because everything else you do is based on your business ideas and I'll show you how to evaluate your current business ideas and I'll show you how to come up with many new good ideas and the more ideas you have the better. One you'll be able to choose and then once you choose one to go with that would be a fantastic business idea on which to base the rest of your work on so this is a very important course if you are starting first-time entrepreneur or a young entrepreneur this is really like foundational knowledge that you must have so I actually commend you for getting this course it's a smart idea and the course is something that you'll be able to get through relatively quickly and really start implementing I really wanted to make sure that the course is actionable and you are able to learn in theory and doing so with that let's get started.

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