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Let's Compare Results From Previous Exercise

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: I hope that you were able to create your own wedding planning ideas because look I've got some and let's see if yours looks something like mine or different well you've got your Yelp for wedding planners you've also got a job board for a wedding planners or freelance website for wedding planners maybe for one day help or whatever for help for specific tasks for one day plan for wedding planning like there's a task for you know the photography the video video the music there's a lot of stuff or you can teach wedding planning book coaching even create your own certification program YouTube videos udemy emulous now there are some things it's not it's really hard to get you know like an uber for a wedding planner help I mean how doesn't quite make sense and it's hard to have a Starbucks for wedding planning I guess there's a wedding planning destination like buying dresses or something but there aren't really wedding planning shops or anything you know so I think that those ideas are sort of out they don't entirely make sense but what about creating your DIY guide so people can actually you know on the cheap be their own wedding planner still pay you for your guide but they can do it DIY and then you can actually make something funny wedding blooper you know so it doesn't have to be all serious can be a blooper funny blog YouTube video series where people send you their funny wedding crashes slips Falls whatever it's not the greatest idea out there but whatever now here's a cool idea what about wedding travel so the year after there's the honeymoon there is like romantic getaways and if you're a travel agent you can capitalize on that by providing packages and stuff like that. I mean not a revolutionary idea but interesting twist now what about a cool wedding planning app where you came like you know use virtual reality you or video chat so that you can chat with your planner so if you're in one city but your planner is planning the wedding in a different city or or some destination then you can kind of connect through that app and track and monitor all the things how are the flower arrangements going like how are the you know registry going all the things that I have to do with it it can be in one place on an app and all there can be organized very easy because all the attendees get this app the wedding planner gets this happen it's all manageable so it's a really cool app idea I don't know if anything like that exists now and then there's a wedding theme generator so like let's say you have some background cultural villagers but maybe you want other ideas so you can have a very easy wedding theme generator you can borrow from other cultures different just different creative ideas you don't have to take their ideas entirely but maybe just take some other ideas for your own inspirations simple but maybe that's possible so I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I'm not an expert in wedding planning so my ideas are relatively surface because I just don't know this deeply but whatever your niche is see see how you can put all the the uber for this the Starbucks for this the delivery for this the teaching place for this and then you know it's very easy to come up with a ton of new twists on existing ideas.

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