How Productivity apps to help you work better

How Productivity Apps To Help You Work Better

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video let's begin the section of the course is going to focus on productivity apps obviously calendar apps are probably the number one software and applications for productivity and all kinds of productivity I already covered that elsewhere so what we're going to do in this section is we're gonna cover mindfulness apps we're gonna cover focus and brain boosting apps we're going to cover note-taking and to-do list apps then we're going to cover business networking apps communication apps and apps that help you learn better and faster and we're gonna talk about automation apps for your business to automate different processes in your business all of these are gonna help boost some sort of productivity inside either your personal process or your business process and these are going to be apps for the phone and at times for your desktop software so with that let's dive right into learning about these apps.

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