4 apps to learn on the go

4 Apps To Learn On The Go

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk to you about four different kinds of apps that you can use for learning on the go so if you have a commute if you walk or actually if you want to walk more and they better productive activity for you if you want if you already exercise maybe you run maybe you again walking maybe you do some kind of other gym activity like lifting weights you can learn during all of this so you can count up all the downtime walk into places commuting into places exercising all the times you're not working where you could kind of be are also giving some attention to another tasks maybe you're cooking and it's repetitive something like that what you can't actually do work but you can pay attention and learn you can do a few things there are podcasting apps and you can listen to a ton of podcasts there's the podcasts it's free on any topic you want to start a YouTube channel there's a pot in youtubing podcast if you want to do business you there's podcasts about intrapreneurship now podcasts are okay they're not optimal for learning because there's a lot of useless material in them commercials just check empty chatter sometimes it's not perfect and ideal for what exactly before what you need and to be honest I actually don't listen to podcast when I want to learn something I go in search for something specific here's my process I go to you to me and I get the udemy app udemy app is free and you can buy and you can take any courses on the go that's the online course option. If you wanna online book any book that you want or many books that you want is available on audio through audiobooks so you don't have to actually sit there and read the books you can listen to the books and by the way udemy courses a lot of them are downloadable the audiobooks I believe they're also downloadable in the podcast they're also downloadable so if you're taking a flight or something like that you can learn for hours instead of you know what people do on a flight sleep watch TV the movies or play games or whatever can be productive before if you were walking and you were listening to music music is amazing I love music but sometimes instead of music if you want to be productive learn and if you want to read if you like reading and you have some downtime maybe like on a plane you can get any Kindle book and you don't have to have an actual Kindle device you can get the Kindle reader the Kindle reader sometimes actually comes installed on smartphones if you don't have it installed you can get a free Kindle reader you can read any of your Kindle books download it onto your phone on the flight anything like that so now you can learn anything if let's say next week we want to do Twitter marketing well this week you can learn Twitter marketing in amazing detail take a number of courses listen to podcast maybe read a book about it all on your essentially free time or more or less time that is not optimally used and then by next week you will know exactly how to implement and guess what the following week you need to hire a freelancer you get a book on hiring you take a course on hiring then you'll know a lot more about doing that and you'll do it way better so these are the four apps for learning on the go and in a fast way.

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