How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business

How to use the community and resources of this course to get promoted on TikTok

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Many people will join tik-tok and they will say well I don't have an audience of my own if I don't have an audience there's nobody to share my tik toks there's nobody to share my videos what do I do so in this video let's actually talk about how I'll help you promote and how you can help others and others will help you using the community of this course this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so that's what this video is going to be about so let's go over the ways I'm gonna try to help you I have a Twitter account that I'm going to show you has a couple of thousand followers for students of this course who have completed the full course and you either tell me or you send me through a private message your course certificate that you got from udemy I'm going to retweet your tik tok handle on that Twitter if you just tell me about it and hopefully that will get you a little bit of life then of course in a second I'll show you how using this course you can network with other students in this course and you can like their tik toks they can like your tik toks and actually you'll build up an audience of students in this course but before you ask for help it's in life and in tik tok and everywhere else it's good to help others before you ask for help so make sure that you help whoever you see who's already posting you have to help them follow them comment on their stuff and only then maybe they'll comment and yours especially if you let them know that you hey you've already subscribed to them and you're a part of this course and of course I would appreciate if you followed me Alex can Edenic that's my business account and Alex Alex Kennedy Nick music that's my hobby project like my passion project Alex unic music I would really appreciate it if you join then and if you checked it out I'd love comments you know obviously it's my passion that's that's what I really love I might not be amazing at music but like I really like it so let me show you that Twitter account week from which I'll promote you this is my problem you calm business account you can see it has 1,400 followers at the moment and if you just tweet at it and say hey I finished your course or something like that or if you send me a private message or new to me I'll retweet you to this audience obviously it's not gonna be earth-shattering results but at least did something and if you're an extra good student maybe I'll beat you with this account which has over 5,000 followers which is my personally branded Twitter account now let me actually show you how I'm going to promote you in the course in this very course that you're taking this is my profile as a student and let's say I go to one course here any course doesn't matter what it is I'll go to this course and the course will play and there's a Q&A area so from this Q&A tab you will just click on ask a new question you would say course content and then you would click continue and then you would post your tik-tok screen name so that other people would see it and hopefully they follow you but make sure that you go back to all questions and you look is anybody else asking you to follow them and please follow them because if you want love you want to share love you want to give that right you don't you don't you don't want to be just a taker.

So you're welcome to post questions here obviously this is not my course this is not me in the picture this is somebody else I'm using the key I'm just using this as an example but you would go into this course that you're taking enter in the Q&A and hopefully this will stay here for a while and people will follow you and you will follow other people it will create a community in the course and of course when you're done with the course let me know I'll share your profile on Twitter so at least you can get some initial promotion and of course as time goes on I'll work on additional things I can do to help to promote students in this course but in the beginning as soon as you make your tik-tok profile definitely come in here ask a new question and add your tik-tack profile so you can immediately hopefully get at least a little bit of followers and then as soon as you're done with the course you can get the retweet so essentially this is all you can do essentially on day one and it's gonna be one of our initial steps and of course I'd appreciate it if you pause this video and just took a second and found me on my business account and my music account and followed me and if you tweet me if you write to me say hey I found I just followed you I'll also follow you back because I'll be happy to follow you since your student in this course and we're working on our tic tacs together and the way this course is structured is I'm literally documenting my own journey so you might catch me at like no followers I'm literally starting from scratch and showing you my progress as I go so when I'm making this video I literally have nearly no followers so that's the experiment and so it would be interesting when you see this it would be interesting how many followers I have and then you'll have all the answers in the course for how I got them and I'll keep adding to the course as I grow and I'll show you more and more secrets with work and even work but this is what we can all do on day one.

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