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First thing after you create your account - correctly creating a screen name

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I want to show you when you're in your tik-tok can you see I'm just starting out when you click on me and you click on the red button in the middle edit profile this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy it's gonna take you to your profile and then the very first thing after you set up your account you want to set up your you screen name the screen name should be a couple of things it should be short mine is not short I'll explain that why I'm doing that in a second but you're should be relatively short easy to spell easy to say easy to remember or catchy or funny or on-brand okay so if your music you see - Alex can Edenic music if your humor it should be comedy or something that people will know immediately from your account that hey you're serious about pursuing that thing that you're on brand about if you don't have a brand if there's no theme leave that leave the theme out but short and catchy now why is mine so long Alex can Edenic music and my last name is impossible to spell the reason it's like that is that my name Alex gonna die Nick you know I'm not so known but it is relatively known I have a large profile online I have millions of people who know this name and I have a big youtube following and udemy following and so on and so on so actually the most recognized thing about personally me is my name.

So that's why when people look me up they will look me up especially by my name because my name I've been doing an online profiles for like the last 10 years so that's why it's like that from my name and my business account is basically just Alex can Edenic without the music because everybody knows me as Alex can I didn't and even though my last name is so brutal a lot of people have gotten used to that last name and they know it so that's my screen name and now you know how to set up your just a reminder the guideline for you is as many of these as possible accomplish them in your screen name short on brand catchy funny easy to spell easy to say easy to remember because sure a lot of people are gonna click on it so there's no need for them to spell it but sometimes you will help well hey guys follow me on tik-tok I'm ABC now if you're able see nobody will forget that but if you're along like abc123 XYZ okay then people will have a harder time remembering that so in your case you will just change yours when you set it up it will let you edit it you see in very small text here you can change your user name only once every 30 days so think very hard about it because you're not gonna be able to change it for a while and then when you make it posted here and you'll have your screen name which is one of the very important things because then once you have your screen and you can start promoting your account elsewhere on other social medias on other platforms so that's your screen name that's the first thing you set up after you create your account.

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