How to Use TikTok's Hashtag Challenges to Boost Your Brand

Joining TikTok challenges and trending hashtags

Lesson Details:
June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about another way to get seen and discovered on tic-tac and that is through challenges and trending hashtags so if you go to discover on the bottom this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy you will see a lot of things that are going on like literally right now so like this see the verse first hashtag is winter break so a lot of people are posting little things that they're doing a winter break and it's a lot of funny stuff entertaining and you can jump on this you can make a video that's like you know the theme is winter break just as long as you add your own unique flavor to it and there's a lot of challenges and they leave there are trending hashtags you just have to browse through them and think creatively what can you do what fits your brand and if you can create a new video using these hashtags they're trending so that means you can get a lot of visibility by joining these and right away when they're trending you'll be able to appear not on the home page obviously because though the only the best video sort of come up through that but somewhere in there that when people when people a lot of people are scrolling scrolling scrolling they'll maybe see you and of course the more fans you have the more people who follow you you have the more activity you'll get on your videos and the easier it will be to get up to the top of tik-tok so it's not like you can get there immediately but this is a traditional way to get extra visibility especially if some hashtags you're noticing are just getting started or some trends are just getting started or some challenges are just getting going then jump on those so that you're not competing where there's already like a billion views you're competing what there's a lot less views and you have more chance to get discovered I think and if you do have a good video you can get you can get a chair quite a bit and hopefully get visibility that way.

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