How to use social networks for tiktok

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you how to use a little bit of influencer marketing to promote your tic-tac account this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and you're going to go to and you look all I did a search for tik tok whenever you do this I don't know what you're going to have available but at the moment there are 93 services available most of these people will say I'll give you a shout out these people have 5 million followers that they claim they have these people have 30 thousand followers they claim they have whatever all together it's quite a lot and some of them will be super fake some of them some of them will actually turn out to be very helpful some of them will help you with video editing all these kinds of things and some of them by the way can help you teach you specific things maybe for your niche you need some specific things they can help you improve whatever you need to do so look through these and check out you know it especially if it's good if you can have an account that's related to your account like if your comedy and you find a comedy influencer here or freelancer here then of course that audience already likes comedy or you know you basically can look through these and see what makes sense for you and at the moment there's only 96 people who actually ought or 93 people who actually offer things on tik-tok so you can actually look through all of them and just see who can help you and this person will even see their services I will find tik-tok popular influencers so you can actually get a lot of ideas for what you can get outsourced to do from these people now keep your expectations low because a lot of them they use big numbers of extremely unengaged or at times fake fans so this will be more like experiments to see what happens if they have 5 million followers don't expect like all of them will rush to subscribe to you know it may be just a tiny portion of that but it's at least something to build up your initial audience and that initial audience really is that biggest hurdle because after that you have an army of who will like and watch all your future videos and your future videos we'll have a lot more success so it's really hard in the beginning it gets easier later and so these initial shoutouts that's how you get past the beginning stage and by the way since we're talking about having people give you an a shout out this doesn't have to stop at 5 or promoters you can look at upwork right now when I did research for this video I actually didn't see anyone who did up work promotion for tik tok but you can actually reach out to for example like YouTube promotion let's say or like you can find YouTube YouTube promotion and you can ask people who have good YouTube channels.

Hey can you promote on your YouTube channel can you promote my tik-tok so you can actually have a lot of people promoting you some of them for very reasonable prices you see here like $10 $5 and it will just expedite your tik-tok growth and of course anyone that you know in your niche you can ask them to do maybe a collaboration video on Tic Tac or on YouTube and pretend to help promote your Tic Tacs so those are all ideas for how that happened to other people's audiences sometimes paid sometimes for free if it's your business contacts and get people with large audiences in your niche or large audiences overall to promote your tik-tok and this is again something you can begin doing on they want now the one mistake not to make is to do this too early before you have a library of content available so you see when I started out I have like two videos on my tik tack now that's a very uninteresting tik tok account if I had 10 videos or 20 or 30 videos that would be a far more interesting tik tack account that would show people that hey this guy is doing something and also the fact that I have like two followers also makes me very uninteresting so doing the steps like building up a library of content a little bit doing the steps like importing your friends all the like-for-like strategies those steps should come first and you should write your bio in your profile so that your profile looks more interesting so that when you do these promotions more of the people who see your profile actually subscribe and follow actually follow you because you will have made your profile more interesting if you don't make your profile more interesting then these promotions will fall flat and will have very bad results because even though they might get people to your account those people will see oh this account has very little content very little followers I'm not gonna follow this bye-bye right you don't want that to happen so you need to build up at least a basically attractive account at first that's your job before doing this influence your marketing.

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