How to use microphones for tiktok videos

Beginner Tiktok Marketing Coursehow To Use Microphones For Tiktok Videos

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October 26, 2021

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Video Transcription:
So the sound quality is very important this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy you can use the built-in microphone off your phone but if there's a lot of external noise if you're outside if you're maybe doing something if anything a lot of unnecessary background noises can creep into your videos and you want to minimize that and actually use a better microphone to even enhance the sound quality of your voice so you can use a lapel mic that is specifically made like you see here I searched for a lapel mic for iPhone if you have an android obviously you would search for android and you might need some extra adapters because you see some of them have a cable that might not plug in to the type of phone that you have so like you see right here there's this 3.5 cable but obviously for some newer iPhones they don't have that jack so you need to get a little adapter for it regardless but a lapel mic like this might not be too visible or interfere with your actual video quality but it will immediately help to enhance your audio quality you might notice when I do my videos for this course from the phone I don't have that mic at the moment so that sound quality is a little worse I hope it's not too noticeable but there is a difference the reason I don't have a mic like that is because most of the videos I make are pre-recorded and then I upload them and I record them using different cameras and different microphones so for my tik-tok I actually pre record like my music videos or something like this I pre record them using like a really fancy microphone and then I upload them but my case is not common most people will probably use something like this that is very inexpensive option to have really great out of your quality that is much better than the built-in microphone that your iPhone or Android phone has and audio quality is really important because a lot of videos if you talk if they can't understand you or if they don't have a good time listening to you it's gonna decrease the engagement of your videos and you don't want that you want to maximize engagement.

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