How to Increase the Engagement Rate on TikTok

Networking, commenting, liking

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's cover another way to get followers and to get a little bit of visibility and that is to start networking with other people in your niche so I'm gonna click on discover on the bottom this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and in the discovery tab we're going to discover it you know in my case it's music obviously because it's a music thing and I'm gonna go into the hashtags and I'm going to go into maybe like one of the hashtags that I used when I posted so for example like music life and then I'm going to see what everybody else is doing so let's say this first person you can like their stuff you can comment on the under stuff right like I would say something like great playing and it worm with warm in my heart or something like that I'm not gonna say that now because it's just an example but your job is to write a really nice comment that they will see and they will like and when they will see and they will like they will click on you or like who is this person and they might actually follow you and you can heart heart heart everybody else they'll see Oh somebody hearted my stuff and maybe they'll see you and maybe they'll click on you and maybe they'll navigate to your profile so commenting and liking stuff that's really good because that sends an alert to this person now if this person has a lot of people who are following them they're probably not responding to every alert but if they're a relative beginner on tik-tok they'll see every alert and especially every nice message will be special to them so you can also add them to favorite and like this person he has like 42,000 followers probably and you see he he only follows 5 people so he's probably there's no chance he's gonna follow me back.

So if for him it wouldn't be a good investment of time but that's ok you can do this song and you see what there you click on them ok they don't have a lot of followers they are like a more or less regular person and so if you follow them and you start networking with them ok great and then you can just keep going down down down down and it's always good to network with people who are in your industry not only for the immediate promotion but also for longer-term benefits because you can learn from each other you can promote each other and that's actually what you would do is once you start promoting and sharing their stuff they might share your stuff they might comment on your stuff you might comment on their stuff so that's what you do so here's a guy that's kind of like me right guy with the guitar and let's see what he's doing he has under a thousand followers so that's cool so this kind of person would be a good person for me to network with because we have the same music now because we have the same music if I click on him all right I can do love this I can actually take a look at what hashtag he's using and he's using see for me there are some hashtags that I would use maybe he has the hashtag singing okay that's a cool one for me I would write that down and acoustic I would write that down because for me those are good hashtags that's what I do that's that's way closer to my niche then other hashtags that I've been using so far like general music ones because those will be more specific so going around liking commenting and networking with people is a good way to build up your initial few followers and even supporters who have affinity towards you precisely because you've been nice to them at first and then they'll hopefully share your stuff like your stuff and those are the people who are gonna be more likely to give all your future videos extra life now of course this takes a little bit of time it's a it's a relatively annoying process but it is anything that you can do on day one.

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