How to get 200 views in tiktok

Results of posting 24 hours later - 200 views!

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So less than 24 hours later I want to show you results of what happened this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy you see I only have six likes and no extra followers but if you look at the individual videos I have over two hundred nearly three hundred or maybe two hundred inches around two hundred and fifty views on the music in under 24 hours using these strategies and this is having less than no audience because they didn't even make my friends follow me I have literally starting from nothing right a lot of times people import their lists of friends list of family members and those people share and like and recommend and watch and that gives the creator's more life to their video the video grows a little more in my case I used none of that but at the same time in under 24 hours I got let's say I had some use from before so instead of 2050 it was around 200 views but I did get 200 views and I'm still getting used because prior to filming this I refreshed from like an hour ago and I got like four more views and this is not me watching all over again and I don't know who's watching because obviously my friends and family don't even know that this is happening so this is all organic all through tic-tac and if you're doing music and your goal is to get people to listen to your music okay then go somewhat of a goal accomplished now it could be that my music is not that good so that's why people aren't listening but not subscribing well that's something that I need to improve and I will try to improve that but at the same time I did get some good views I mean 200 views in under 24 hours with minimal audience that's actually not bad at all so that's the update on these experiments with hashtags.

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