how I find many good hashtags for tiktok

Example how I find many good hashtags and use them

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now in this video I'm gonna show you how to post a new video and I'm going to show you how to find good hashtags for it this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so let's get started so I'm gonna post a new video before I post the video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to discover on the bottom you see there's a discovery tab and I'm actually going to go and try to discover hashtags so let's say I'm gonna try to do music I'm gonna discover hashtags you see by you can scroll that on to the left sorry to the right and you can either you can browse very popular music videos and see what hashtags they're using for example you see the guy on top right here he's using the hashtag for you for you page we're gonna use that we're gonna use the hashtag viral we're gonna try that we're gonna try to use other hashtags like kpop obviously I'm not making music like kpop so I'm not gonna use that but you can actually get ideas for these hashtags and you can spend a long time browsing hashtags I'm not gonna do that now I'm gonna let you do that on your own what I am going to do is I'm going to go on the bar on the top there is an option for hashtags and I'm gonna click that hashtags and I click that hashtag and then I'm gonna scroll all the hashtags there's so many and look on the right side I'm gonna experiment with finding relevant hashtags for me that don't have too much competitions for example I'm only gonna stik with things that have in the millions of views right so the first one music has eleven point eight billion views okay too competitive it would be great to rank there yeah but maybe too competitive for me for now then I'm going to scroll and I'm gonna see okay what is this music huh I'm not gonna do that because I don't know what that is really musically I'm not gonna do that then I'm just gonna scroll Scroll scroll maybe music life is an interesting one it's relatively small maybe music lover you see here then I'm going to go maybe tik music and then really I want to find hashtags that are relevant for me for the kind of music that I make but I don't think my music is sad music but I see this hash sad music I'm gonna do that and as I'm scrolling I'm actually writing down some of these maybe I'll do hashtag trending music maybe I'll do a few music maybe music life maybe music cover and then let's keep looking I'm really hoping to find something like for like classical music classical I'm not doing classical music what I'm doing classical guitar I don't know what is this humble music but we'll try that and really you see I'm going for relevant things but also on the right side you see humble music has relatively hue views I mean 16 million might seem like a lot but when you compare them to billions it's not as much then I'm just gonna keep going keep going keep going for a little more just because I'm recording this video I'm not gonna keep going too long but really I'm trying to also find things that are really relevant for the kind of music that I have so I took some time on my own and I kept going down down down down down and found a ton of hashtags really more hashtags than I can fit because remember I can only upload a caption with 100 characters so let's get out of this and we're going to go and we're going to maybe create a new post now okay in this video I also want to address when are the good times to create a post usually it's when people are up in the afternoon like if I'm on u.s. Eastern Time that means if I post in the afternoon like noon then people on the west coast it's 9:00 a.m. for them they're awake at least hopefully and people in Europe they're awake it's evening for them and I might even catch people far east for me and for them it's night time so the whole world is available now in this case I'm filming this early morning so I'm kind of not filming in an ideal time but I just want to show the use of these hashtags in your case when you're posting you want to post at a time when you think most people who be in your audience are awake and it's around after noon time for them or early evening so I'm going to press the plus I'm gonna upload the video while the gospel and then I'm going to go back soon [Music] and I'm not applying and you stik to your offense through this time next now this is gonna be my hashtag time so here are a bunch of hashtags that I put together and of course I edited out that me typing these hashtags because I didn't want you to sit through that but I just want to go over it with you so I have for you I might actually add the word for that sorry the letter for you so I'm just gonna do that and I'm just gonna put four I think I'm over the limits but then I'm gonna have to figure out how many to take out so they're by one character oh my god by one character I can't fit the word the hashtag for you but you know what maybe it's okay.

I can live without it sadly okay so anyway I reached my limit of a hundred characters just I'm at like 97 characters or something so you see I have for you viral and then I have music related things right old music music life trending music Russian music this is a Russian music cover that I translated into English that I'm uploading so I think that it might end i singing this song in in both languages i don't know how far I'll get on tic tacs because it's a tik tok only takes 60 seconds of the first 60 seconds so I maybe just in one language there but anyway so that's why I have the Russian music because it's a Russian music cover and then musician tik music music lover sad music rock music and music cover so those are all the hashtags now let's look down who can view this video make sure it's public of course if it's private you're not gonna get that sharing about comments yes duet and react that's for people to make videos on top of your video now I'm not there yet but and then save to album okay whatever we don't need that and then you can share post to other places like Instagram at the moment we're not going to do that so we're just gonna go post and hopefully this gets a little bit of action and we'll see maybe in the next 24 hours what happened through those hashtags so I'm just gonna go post then you see I have my third video posted you see on the middle video and on the video to the right there are some views you see right on the bottom of those videos there's a little number they're like 68 and 30 that that means those are the views and see right now this new song on the left there's zero views so actually actually let's go to that song and you know what [Music] that is Mullins grow they're shining like euros to cool and only on my profile but also oh this song is already getting some plays and some some people are liking it even though it's just me liking it so just to recap we just uploaded a new song and we found a bunch of interesting hashtags and we use the hashtag so in 24 hours we'll check back to see you for getting followers on this or just to see what activity we are getting on this.

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