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Transforming Images

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: So in this video we are going to start transforming our images and we will make it to edible as practical as practical as possible this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy so let's say that you want to add a wide border like a frame around our image and there's like probably a thousand ways of how we can do it but I want to show you how we can do it with only the tools and the techniques that we just learned we didn't learn many techniques but the techniques we already learned will actually allow us to make some pretty nice things with this image so first I'm gonna go to the background layer like so and I'm going to fill it with the white color so I'm simply going to press and hold down the ctrl or command if you're on a Mac and then press the backspace and you can see that right now my background will thumbnail actually is changed to white and we actually filled our background term with there with the background color so right now I'm gonna move to my background copy layer and by the way this is actually an important thing about Photoshop because Photoshop follows a layer first and the tool second rule so in order to actually manipulate or adjust any layer first you need to have it selected you can use the auto select option right here so whenever you have your move tool on and you have your auto select option on you can actually click on on your image in order to select some object but that works not that efficient as it does inside illustrator so I think it's better to simply select the layer and then the object with a certain tool so right now that I have my background copy layer selected I want to do something about my about my image so with the move tool I can just move it around and you can see right now that our background is been well well we can see the color of a background background right now but we can't actually resize the image with that with the move tool nor can we do that with any of the sir any of the path selection tools right now well right here as we would inside illustrator what we actually have to do is with the layer selected go to the Edit man you and then we have to go to free transform option and I think it's best to simply use ctrl or command T shortcut on your keyboard so I'm gonna go with the ctrl T well I'm gonna call the free transform and as you may notice we gots we got some manipulation control well control points being displayed right here and they're the same as they would be oil as they are inside illustrator and actually the put a lot of the same rules apply here inside Photoshop when transforming images so well as they do in Illustrator.

So for instance if I simply hold down the shift key and now click and drag you can see that I am constraining the proportions of my of my image and well and my fish that's well of course I can go up like so but as you can see we are not moving our image outside our canvas so our image is constrained to the canvas and we will talk about it in a later video so I'm holding down the shift key to constrain the proportions but what if I want to will actually create the frame and I want to create it in one in one take or it wanna click well all we need to do is to simply add the alt or option if you're on a Mac key to our to our transformation so if I now just press and hold down the Alt key you can see that I am actually and that I am actually well create your change in my the size of the image starting from its center point so and right now I am actually creating the frame that I was looking for just like so and by the way you can see these these options right here and of course in order to accept or decline our transformation all we need to do is to simply press this check mark or the the return on our keyboard so I'm simply going to press it and right now I got my I got my image well resized so again I'm gonna press the ctrl or command if you're on a Mac plus T and I'm back again in the free transform mode and of course I can rotate my my image around if I just click and drag by one of these one of these corners right here I can of course maybe distorted just like so if I want to because you can see that right now we don't have this some like angled arrows with just some simple straight arrows so we can manipulate the image just like so but I don't want to distort it sounds simply going to cancel out I'm gonna go back again at the to the free transform tool by pressing the control key ctrl + T on my keyboard and by the way notice that right now I can if I just right click on my image or command to click if you're on a Mac now like so I'm actually going to have some other than some other well manipulation options that I can I can choose from so I simply can flip my image horizontally just like so so I can make it well swim in the other direction and I can flip it vertically if I want to swim it upside down why not it can't be like that I'm gonna go back to the original original view and if you want some if you need some creative creative transformations creative manipulations you can always press and hold down the ctrl or command key on your keyboard grab any of these any of these corner points click and move to to distort it to distort your image just like so and if you hold down the shift key you were distorted proportionately and if you hold down the Alt key as well you will distort it from the center point so I am I'm using almost all of my fingers right now.

In my left hand I'm using so I'm pressing holding down the ctrl the shift and the old keys together to distort my image just like so if I want I can go really really crazy with the image and you can go crazy if your image if you want to so again let me just repeat all then all the all the information that we actually just learned so in order to transform your image to change its size to rotate it to manipulate to flip it all we well we need to go to the Edit menu and then free transform or better yet use the ctrl + G the shortcut on our keyboard and right now I can change the size of the fish and if I hold down the shift key I am going to constrain the proportions of my transformation and if I press and hold down the Alt key together I am going to do transform my image from its central point if I right-click on the image right now I can rotate it if I want to I can I can flip it horizontally I can flip it vertically if I want to so remember that you need to have your free transform tool active and then you can well right click or command click on the image if you are working if you're working on a Mac and if you were gonna well want to go really crazy with your transformation if you want to distort your image simply press and hold down the ctrl or command key on your keyboard in order to manipulate the perspective and to distort your image just like so so there you go these are the most important well the easiest as well and ways of manipulating or changing the image are all the size of your image there is one more thing to to understand being well about to change with manipulation images inside Photoshop and is the relation between the image and the canvas it's sitting on and that's that's important paddlin put an important relation and it's something that we are going to actually talk about in the next video.

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