photoshop best practices and shortcuts

Interface best practices and shortcuts

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: As I mentioned in the previous video we won't be referring to these tools too much in the upcoming videos this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy we will however be working quite a lot with the layers panel right here and the adjustments panel right here and by the way if you can see them simply either go to the window menu and find both the adjustments and the layers right here or simply turn your workspace to essentials as these panels both the adjustments and the layers are a part of the essentials workspace right here and if for some reason you messed up your essentials workspace just hit reset essentials right here to bring it back to its default state here in the top we got the menus and well the idea behind the man is being displayed in the top bar is similar in any kind of piece of software however I would like you to notice that if you are ever stuck with some function that something is not really working on you or you don't know where to look for some specific option just refer to this to this top bar now with with this all this concept in mind so if you ever want to do something about the image just head over to the image menu and if you're looking for something about the layer well just go to the layer menu and if you want to find something about the type just go to the type menu because all these and all these panels or their names refer to certain options that you can or actions that you can perform using these these options right here beneath the top menu bar is our control panel and the thing to know to know about the control panel is that it changes whenever you choose a different tool so if I choose the crop tool it's gonna it's gonna change to give me some options that work with the crop tool if I change it to let's say a type tool is gonna change to give me some type tool or some other type of typing tools or typing options that are specific to the type / to the type tool and if I go for the brush tool.

It's gonna change and give me some options that that correspond or that go with the brass tool right here and if you want you can detach this this control panel like so if it's something that you want if you say that you that if say that you want to like to save some space here in the top or you have a large large monitor and you just want to have a detached because you prefer to work like so well you can do it by dragging it and then if you change your mind simply duct it back right here in the top in the top part of your screen so actually these are the main things that and that will get you going and that you will get you started using using a photoshop and if you if you need some more well actually we will we will cover some more stuff about the interface in the next video but there will be more like practical shortcuts a kind of things but for now let's just stick to these simple rules that we have our main tools on the left right here that whenever we click on a tool and we see this little arrow next to it we are going to get some additional tools right here that in Photoshop we got the foreground and the background color that on the right we got our panels right here that we can change our workspace here in the essentials well in the workspace switcher and now we are working with the essentials workspace right here then we got our the top menu right here and whenever we want to change something about the layer we can simply head on to the layers menu if you want to change something about the image let's go to the image menu and so on and that we got our control panel being displayed right here and whenever we choose a tool right here we are going to get some different set of well different different options that go with that specific tool so in the next video we are going to talk about some very practical and hang these shortcuts when working with that when working with the with the workspace but don't worry they will be quick they will be brief and they will be super practical so see you in the next video. 

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