How To Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop

How To Use the Crop Tool

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In the next videos we will talk about the first of our beautifying techniques which is called cropping this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy and think about cropping as kind of like trimming your images from the sides or from the bottom or from the top and - to change your composition to make your composition look better and to crop an image inside Photoshop you can use the crop tool which sits right here in our tools panel and also has a very handy shortcut of the letter C right here so if I choose it you can see these handles being shown in on my on my image and whenever I just hover over any of them and I simply click on my any of them I'm gonna get these lines which are called grid overlays and what they do is they help you in making work in creating in making a nice composition so let me briefly explain how they actually work well first of all your main horizontal lines especially your horizon should align with one of these horizontal lines right here and main aspects of your photo you should align with one of these vertical lines or one of these one of these intersections of those horizontal and vertical lines which are called hotspots but to tell you the truth in most cases you probably won't be able to align all these lines with all the horizontal lines nor will you be able to align all the hotspots with most and most important aspects of your photo in most cases you'll be able to maybe align one or two lines or one or two hotspots but that's okay you'll see how easy it is to use these grid overlays in order to make a composition look better and by the way most likely you will be using the rule of thirds as your grid overlay and the golden ratio which you can select from from this from this grid overlaid view right here so if I just go with the golden ratio you can see that this middle part is kind of small and kind of smaller so you can experiment with which which rule or with which a grid overlay works best golden ratio is the one that was used by ancient and ancient and for example to build the Path and and well it works it works till today but you will experiment well.

I want you to experiment with with these good overall overlays in order to see which one works best for you for now I'm just gonna go with the rule of thirds and before we move on there's actually one more thing that it's important when cropping your images and it is this delete cropped pixels option right here so say that I have this option checked and I'm gonna go and do something like so and then check my well accept my my crop in and let's say that I don't like that I don't like this composition and I want to go back I want to have a bit more of those pixels here in the bottom so if I just go down right here you can see that I that I no longer have those pixels because they were cropped well they were deleted they were cropped and they were deleted so let me just go back one step so in order to avoid that in order to have that kind of flexibility it's best to have this option off so I'm not gonna I'm not gonna leave it check there's just just in case if I change my mind so let's actually start using our grid overlay and let's actually start and making our composition look better and we will start doing that in the next video. 

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