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Placing images

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Okay so that's opening images now what about places and what is the difference between placing and opening it this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy well if I just open an open a an image right now so I'm gonna just press ctrl 0 or control oh and I double click on this banana you can see that I got a new window that I got new well document window opened right here and I got my image being shown there right here in my document view but what if I want to simply add an image into this document and I don't want to open another document right here I want to have two images inside one document well this is called placing and you can do it in different ways well first of all you can go to the file menu choose place right here and now if I just double-click on the banana you can see that I got my image being displayed right here and of course I can move it around if I want to but it's not gonna be I'm gonna be like actually truly placed until I either click this tick right here or if I just print and press Enter or return on a Mac just like that so now I got my image placed inside my document let me just let me just delete it the other way that we can in that we can actually place an image inside a document is by simply dragging it from a separate folder in our in our well in our system so if I just navigate to the folder there where I keep my images and if I simply grab this among I'm gonna grab the orange and if I simply drag it over here you can see this little white arrow being displayed and a plus symbol next to it and if I simply release my mouse button like so you can see the orange bin being displayed and night I can now simply press this this check mark right here and I'm gonna have my orange being placed inside my document which by the way we can see in the layers panel right here another way of placing your images inside document is simply by dragging an image or actually any asset from another document so if I go to the the banana banana image and even though that you can see that the layer is locked we will talk about the layers in the next video so even though we can see that it's logged.

If I have the move tool which is this guy right here active and I click and start dragging you can actually see nothing nothing happening you can see that we are not doing anything but as long as I move it I click drag and move it onto my next document well the first document actually named will this tab right here and now I bring it over my document like so you can see that I've actually placed that banana so it's as simple as well of course we can do it the other way around so if I grab the orange and move it onto them and the banana class project title tab and I'm simply going to release my mouse button right here I am gonna place that orange inside this document just like so so these are the three most common ways of placing your images in Photoshop and you can decide which one works best for you I usually usually go for the file place menu I don't know why I just Comfort a file place menu well command but if you want you can simply grab a document well grab an image from a different document with the move tool move it to your to another documents title bar and simply drop it drop it like so and you have your well in this case orange and orange place and notice that as we do that we do not have and we don't have this check mark option right being displayed right here in our control panel because Photoshop is actually assuming that this is what you want to do you want to place your image right here so there you go these are the most common ways of opening and placing images inside Photoshop and since we skimmed the the layer surface let's call it like that so since we briefly talked about the layers I think it's a high time to talk about the layers and we will if you're having problems with the layers with understanding the layers I'm gonna try to demystify the layers with some simple some simple matter for us that's that's using simple matter first to explain things if you're interested in learning finally learning the layers you will well hopefully we will learn it in the next video.

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