How to open Images in Photoshop

Opening Images

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we are going to talk about opening and placing images because there's a difference between opening and placing images inside Photoshop this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy so the most obvious and the one that you probably know technique of opening images is simply by going to the file menu and then just choosing open or we could go to the control we could use the control or or command o if you're on a Mac and a shortcut right here so if I just press on it I'm going to be able to open an open a file well preferably an image and put it into the Photoshop but what if what if we are the kind of designers who are lazy but at the same time like some really not too commonly known tricks and we want to impress with them from time to time so let's say that we are that kind of designers let me just close this guy right here so let's say that we want to quickly open an image and we don't have any image open right here you can see that my document window is clean so in order to quickly open an image when we have no image open so that we have a situation right now like this one right now I am simply going to double click anywhere in like this clean in the document window so if I now just double click on it I can navigate to my to my folder where I keep my images and I can simply open it like that so but this trick works only if you have no document no image open know that when your document window is clean like so so if I'm just gonna double click again I can now navigate to my folder navigate to my image and open up by double clicking and image just like so and notice that if I now double click anywhere in my document window I am NOT gonna be able to open a document will not open an image and with this technique that I and that we just that we just learned and that I think is really handy and it's not to come only shown in in some tutorials or mentioned in some books.

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