How to Design Challenge Resolved in photoshop

Design Challenge Resolved

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: I promised you to take that design challenge myself so here it is I'm gonna fix this this sunset photo and that I took it in Montenegro this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy so the first thing that I think that needs to be done here is well some some composition adjustments so I'm gonna go to the crop tool just like so I'm gonna click on any of these handles right here and I can see that I think that I should align this horizon line with this vertical and this well this horizontal line but first I think that I'm gonna straighten this whole image out so I'm gonna go to the straight and option right here and I'm gonna click somewhere here and move it just a bit down just like so and I'm gonna let Photoshop do the heavy lifting for me so I'm gonna just press press that checkmarks and I think that the horizon is a bit more even right now so now I'm gonna maybe move this guy a bit just down to somewhere here just like so I don't think I'm going to try to and try to align this Sun with this vertical a vertical line or maybe I can try it but I think that doing that I'm gonna lose this kind of like a panoramic fill into this scenery and I really wanted to well I'd like this image to convey the vastness of the sea and some some rocks right here so I think I'm just gonna leave it leave it just like so this should be fine okay so I'm gonna just press this check mark right here and of course there's a lot that needs to be done in terms of color correction so I'm gonna go to that maybe I'm just first gonna duplicate this layer I'm gonna go to that threshold and I'm gonna just bring the levels just like so but I'm gonna turn this visibility off so first I'm gonna try to find the the darkest spot in my image so I'm gonna go move this slider all the way down and we can see that it's gonna be some guy right here and we can zoom in and make our adjustment on a pixel level if you want to be that precise and I think I do want to be that precise in this case so I'm gonna turn on the levels on I'm gonna turn the threshold off and I'm gonna go to the levels grab this guy and I believe yeah it was somewhere here so I'm just gonna sample this guy right here so now I'm gonna find the lightest spot in my image I think it's gonna be the Sun but I'm not sure well actually the reflections on the water are even lighter than the Sun let me just maybe bring this guy just a bit up so again we are as precise as can be very precise on a pixel level I think I'm gonna choose this guy so I'm gonna grab the light point I'm gonna turn the threshold visibility certain threshold layer visibility off because we remember that we need to sample our information from the image not from the threshold adjustment layer so I'm gonna turn it off and I'm gonna grab maybe this guy right here and I'm gonna go back to the full-screen mode and let us see what our Corrections did so this is the the original and these are our Corrections and now the sunset look really looks really really really nice so there you go this is my take on the design challenge again I encourage you to take the design challenge to grab any of your photos and do the the corrections the cropping maybe the straightening the color Corrections and maybe the retro effect if you want you can add to your image and and share it with the community show show show off show her show how great you've become after watching these these videos 

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