How to Correcting The Colors in photoshop

Correcting The Colors

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: in this video, we are going to repeat the whole process of making our photo look beautiful this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie's Academy with the threshold and the levels adjustment layer because I know it might be a bit a lot to take in in one in well in one bite so let's let me just repeat the whole process so the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to duplicate the layers I'm gonna use the ctrl J on my keyboard and I'm gonna turn on the threshold levels Network the threshold layer on just like so and again I'm simply going to move this slider to the left to find the darkest spot in our image by the way you might be tempted if I just turn this guy off to just turn on the levels and let your eye guide you and maybe try to find the darkest spot just by looking at your image and trust me you may be well if I just click on this guy you may see results that are actually not good results you may well.

You're I can fool you in telling you which show which spot in your image is actually the darkest I think it's best to just leave it up to them after the software up to the threshold layer in this case so I'm going to turn it back on I'm going to double click on it and maybe just maybe let us just maybe bring it a bit more to the left and I can see that this guide to the right this spot to the right should be the darkest one so I'm gonna use this guy and by the way you don't have to always use the color sampler tool but for starters it might be easier for you if you are if you get like really good at this technique you could simply just turn turn the levels on just like so get the black and get the black marker right here turn that the threshold level off and I think that who we are safe to click somewhere here to establish our black point just like so and we can do the same with them with the lightest point so I'm gonna just turn the levels off for now I'm gonna turn the threshold level the threshold layer on and I'm going to find the lightest spot in our image let me just zoom back out some are simply going to increase maybe it a bit more so I think that it should be somewhere here so I'm just gonna just gonna zoom in real close I'm gonna go back to my pressure of my levels layer and now I think I can turn the threshold a level a layer off and it's this this spot right here so I'm simply going to sample me with this a bit of white color just like so so let us see what is the final result.

So this was the original and this is our these are our adjustments but again we can always make sure we can always adjust the contrast maybe play around with some with some other other will may be spots in our image that you think that might give you a better result and I actually encourage you to experiment with this technique especially with the threshold and to find your your darkest and your lightest spot in in your image so there you go this is how easily you can you can correct colors contrast and white balance of any image so just remember to to find the darkest and the lightest spot in your image using the threshold level you using the threshold layer so I'm simply gonna double click on it remember to simply move this slider to the left to find the darkest spot and then to the right to find a lighter spot and then just grab the levels adjustment layer and with these with these markers with these samplers just for just a mark and the darkest and the lightest spot in your image to correct the contrast the color balance and white balance and you can always adjust these sliders to increase the contrast if you wish so so in the next videos you are going to learn how to add that a very trendy vintage retro retro loop to your photos so keep watching.

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