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Understanding the interface

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: So first let's start with the Photoshop interface this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy and I know that some of you might be thinking like interface I mean well that's boring I don't want to learn it well actually the interface is a well learning the interface is actually quite important and I promise to keep it short and I promise to keep it practical and you will see that it's really good to have the skills that I'm about to show you in your portfolio so of course on the left right here we got our main tools this is the panel where we keep our main tools and if you want you can make it a single column or you can make it two columns just by pressing these arrows right here in the top left corner these tools are all divided into groups so we got the selection tools the cropping and measuring tools we got retouching and painting tools and we got to join and typography tools we got done we got navigation tools and we got the foreground and background color colors right here but to tell you the truth in the upcoming videos we will only be using the crop tool because honestly to make well practically any further look great we can only use the crop tool from from these tools but we will be working with the panels on the right on the right much more so a thing to remember here is that all these tools are divided into groups and whenever you see this little arrow next to a next way well a tool symbol if you click and press if you click and hold down. 

You will see a whole new group like revealing some other some other tools being a hidden beneath that that basic tool so it kind of like it works kind of like an illustrator where you also have some tools where are and some additional tools being hidden next to the next to the basic tool so or underneath the basic tool now what's really important to understand about photoshop especially working with colors in Photoshop is that unlike in illustrator where you have the stroke and the fill color in shop you have the foreground and the background color so this is the foreground color the black one right here and the white color is the background color so this is really important now in Photoshop we got the foreground and the background colors of course if I press click on this on these little arrows right here I'm gonna switch the color of the foreground and the background just like that and of course if I double click on any of these colors I'm gonna get this color picker right here so a thing to remember we will refer to we will refer back to it in a future video so a thing to remember is that we got the foreground color and the background color so I promise to keep it short and honestly this is for now all you need to know about the tools on the left and now we can move on to the panels on the right.

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