Why HTML5? What is it Used for...

Why HTML5? What is it Used for...

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

In this article, I will explain what a coding language is, and how it works. In the process of doing so, I will explain why html5 is a good coding language to use for your website/blog.

A: Why html5? what is it used for...

I have chosen to write about html5 because I believe it will become a popular coding language in the future. If you do a simple google search for “html5 games” you will see that there are plenty of games that are coded using html5. There are tons of websites that use html5 as their main coding language, such as youtube, facebook, twitter, and many other popular sites. In addition, html5 is also a great coding language to learn how to code because it is easy to understand and use overall. HTML5 has been evolving over the years and has been around since 1997. It was originally called “HTML 4.0” and was created by Tim Berners-Lee. The new version of HTML, which is called “HTML 5” is a major improvement from the older version. This new version has much more flexibility than the previous version. As time goes on, HTML 5 will continue to evolve and grow in popularity.

II: Body

What is a programming language? A programming language is a type of computer language that allows humans to communicate with computers in such a way that computers can run any commands given to them by humans. Programming languages were created in order to create better and faster ways to perform repetitive tasks. For instance, if you wanted to add 20 numbers together in a row, instead of having to do the same thing over and over again manually, you could simply tell the computer to do it for you. This concept may seem very confusing at first, but even simple commands such as “hello world” can be entered into a programming language. Some examples of programming languages that are widely used today include C#, java (JavaScript), python, and HTML 5 (Javascript).

III: Conclusion

In conclusion, I hope you learned something from this article about programming languages and why html5 is a decent coding language to use for your website/blog.

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