When To Use Tables

When To Use Tables

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

Welcome to this brief tutorial on the topic of programming language. Here you will learn all about the different types of programming languages that are used in modern day computing. You will first be introduced to the topic. Then you will learn about some of the common programming languages that are used today. You will then learn how to write a program using these languages. Finally you will learn about the conclusion and how it should be written. (300 words)

II: Body

There are many different types of programming languages that exist today. They all have their own uses and there is no one computer language that can do everything. This means that programmers must know at least two or three different programming languages in order to be effective. There are three main categories of programming languages: Low Level Languages, High Level Languages and Scripting Languages. (300 words)

Low level languages:

The first type of computer language is called Low Level Language. These are the oldest and most basic type of computer language. They require a lot of coding and very little human interaction as the code is written as if it were a machine language. Low level languages can only directly control hardware devices such as printers and monitors. They cannot control any other computer program so they are not useful for creating applications. Examples of low level languages include Assembler, COBOL and Fortran.

High level languages:

High level languages use English and math and other natural languages to create logic for a program. By combining different commands and functions together, an application can be created with a high level language. Because they use natural languages, high level languages are easy for humans to understand, which makes them much easier for a programmer to read and work with than a low level language. Examples of high level languages include C++, Java and Smalltalk.

Scripting languages:

Scripting languages are designed to make it easy for a programmer to quickly program a specific task without having to write a full application from scratch. Scripting languages can be used both for writing a full application or just a small part of an application. For example, a developer may use a scripting language to automatically run a backup program every night at midnight. The programmer simply writes the script once to run the backup program, then doesn’t have to bother writing it again as it will run each night at midnight as long as the computer is turned on. In this case, the script is being used as a component of a full application. However, a full application could also be written using only a scripting language instead of a high level language or low level language, though this is less common. Examples of scripting languages include PHP, Python and Ruby.

III: Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many different types of programming languages used in today’s modern world. Some of these languages are ancient while others are new, but they all have their place in creating useful applications for the masses to use every day.

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