Section Review of Functioning Well

Section Review of Functioning Well

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction:

A: The article will be about how some programming language works and why it is better than other.

B: The article will start with a brief introduction of the topic and the related materials.

C: The article will include some examples to help readers understand how it works.

II: Body:

A: The body will include some basic information such as what programming languages are, what they do and how they work.

B: The body will then highlight its uses and benefits. This is important to give the reader a good picture of how using this programming language would benefit them in their future use of programming languages.

C: It will also discuss the learning curve and the learning resources. This is important to give the reader an idea of how hard or easy it is to learn this language. Knowing this will help him/her make a decision on whether to learn the language or not.

III: Conclusion:

A: This part will summarize all the key points discussed in the article and offer key takeaways from the article for the reader.

B: It will also offer a brief overview of related resources for reading more.

Creating a Works Cited Page

There are several different types of sources that you may have used in your research paper. You will need to know how to list each one of them at the end of your paper so that you give proper credit to the authors from whom you have obtained information, ideas, or quotes. A Works Cited page is placed at the end of a research paper. In your article, if you have cited multiple sources, you need to list them all in alphabetical order on a separate page. Be sure to double check this page before turning in your final draft.

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