Reusable Function Demo

Reusable Function Demo

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

In this article I will discuss the history of programming languages and some of the programming languages that have been developed over the years.

I: Body

In 1960s, computer scientists met at Dartmouth College to create a new programming language called Algol. In 1968, the language was finished and put into use. Algol was used for creating semi-automated cars and machine control. In 1972, FORTRAN had been created. It was a structured programming language that was used by the Federal Aviation Administration to create programs that controlled airplane landing systems.

In 1964, a small group of scientists from a variety of different universities got together to create a new programming language called C. The language was created for writing operating systems and compilers. In 1973, C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. In 1989 he developed an object oriented version of C++ called OOPC++ or Objective C++.

In 1965, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson created a language that would become the standard for writing system software and applications on UNIX. They named it C and it was based on the B programming language.

In 1972, a large group of researchers and scientists got together at the Stanford Research Institute to create a new language called Pascal. Pascal is used for computer science education and is usually the first language taught in universities.

In 1983, a group of scientists from AT&T Bell Labs got together to create a language called C++. It is an extension of C and is used for creating complex applications such as video games and multimedia programs.

In 1992, Guido van Rossum created Python. Python is an interpreted, object oriented programming language that uses dynamic typing and allows programmers to write very readable code. It also has a large amount of user friendly libraries and modules that can be used to make complex programs easily.

In 1997, Java™ Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) was created by Sun Microsystems. It is an object oriented programming language that is platform independent and can be used on any computer running JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It is commonly used for developing web applications and is considered one of the best programming languages for developing GUI type software.

A recent innovation in computer programming that has taken place over the last decade is the development of two new scripting languages called PHP and Ruby on Rails. These are database driven languages that use web browsers as user interfaces for displaying data stored in databases. Each program is stored in its own file which makes them easy to work with for beginners because no installation is necessary. Each file contains all the code for the program so it is easy to debug errors when they do occur, because it’s just a matter of changing one line in the code to fix it.

II: Conclusion

At this point you should have an idea of what the history of computer science has been like over the past 20 years or so. You also should have an idea of what programming languages are out there today and how they are used in computers today.

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