Restaurant Reviuew Page Demo

Restaurant Reviuew Page Demo

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Introduction to programming coding languages

II: Body

A: Restaurant reviuew page demo

III: Conclusion

What is programming?

Programming is the work of writing down instructions for a computer. The instructions are not written in an understandable language, but instead they are written in a very special language that computers can understand. This special language is called computer code.

Most of the time the instructions are very simple. For instance, if you want the computer to print “Hello world” on the screen then your instructions will be something like this “Print Hello world”. Of course there is some additional detail, like how big should the words be, where should they go, what color do you want them to be, etc. But even so, the instructions are simple.

Usually, before you start writing instructions for a computer you first have to make sure that you know what kind of computer you are dealing with. This is because different computers use different languages. For example if you are using a Windows machine then you will have to write your instructions in something called Visual Basic. If you are using a Mac then you will have to write your instructions in something called Objective-C. If you are using Linux then there are many different languages that you can use, including C++ and Java. And since all these languages are different then the instructions you write down have to be different as well.

Once you have picked the right language it is usually pretty easy to write down your instructions. For instance here are some instructions written in Visual Basic for Windows:

Sub hello() Text1.Text2 = "Hello World" End Sub

The first line tells the computer that there is a subroutine called hello() which must be run when the program starts. The second line tells the computer to change the text on Text1 to say “Hello World” . The third line tells Visual Basic that it is done with its instructions and that it can now quit. Notice how easy it is to read these instructions. That is because they are written in plain English. That makes them very easy to understand. Most of the time, the instructions that you write will look something like this. Most of them will be written in plain English and they will be very easy for people to understand and modify if needed. Notice also how short and simple these instructions are. That is because once you get used to writing your own instructions it becomes very easy to do so.

Programming languages give people great power over their computers. Once you know how to write programs, you can do almost anything with your computer that you want. You could write a program that allows you and your friends to chat online between different computers for free. You could write a program that helps you manage your schedule and appointments better. Or you could write a program that helps you control your home automation system better. The possibilities really do go on and on!

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