Playing Audio on a Page

Playing Audio on a Page

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

Code is a programming language. In order to create a program, the programmer must use the code. The code is a combination of symbols and keywords that instructs the computer what to do. The code is not always in English. There are many different languages that have been used for coding. Most of them have been taken from other languages, like Spanish or French.

II: Body

A: Playing audio on a page

When the programmer writes the code, he or she has to make sure it works on all computers and on all browsers. The code has to be compatible with all types of browsers and operating systems. Coding languages can be found using many different ways. Some people like to buy books on coding while others like to use free online tutorials such as websites and YouTube videos. There are several different types of coding. There is HTML coding which is used for webpages, there is CSS coding which used for styling on webpages, and there is Javascript which is used for making things interactive on webpages. Another type of coding is Java which is used for creating programs and Android apps. For example, an android app can be created by writing the code in Java and then putting it on your phone. A really popular code is Python programming because it’s very easy to learn and understand. Usually coding languages are designed for specific purposes such as playing music or creating games. You can also create things such as your own website. One of the most popular languages for coding is JAVA. Java can be used to create things such as games and animations. Java is kind of like a middle ground between HTML and Python. The language itself has never changed, but new versions have been added in, which change how it works with other features in the computer system.

III: Conclusion

The programming language is one of the most important parts in creating a program because it allows the programmer to write the code that will eventually turn into a working program when you run it on your computer or mobile device. There are many different types of programming languages. Most are based off of other languages, but there are some that are created from scratch by programmers. There are many different ways to learn programming. Many people want to start learning by buying books or using online tutorials. However, if they don’t have time to learn this way, they can try taking a course at their school or even online at home. Although coding can be quite difficult, most people find coding interesting and they enjoy doing it once they get started with it.

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