Passing Data to a PHP processing page

Passing Data to a PHP processing page

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

Programming languages have been around since before computers were even invented. In the beginning, people had to write out their code by hand. Programming took a long time. It would take probably a few hours to write out even the simplest program. This was very hard work and writing programs by hand was very tedious.

Today, it is far easier to write out programs. There are programming languages that run on actual computers (like C++, Java, Python). It is much faster to write programs using these languages than it was to write them out by hand. Programs written in these kinds of languages are called source code. When you compile source code, you make it into something like an application file (like an .exe file). The file name will not tell you what kind of language the program is written in.

Programming languages are used for many purposes. For example, languages can be used to create computer games, websites, or spreadsheets. Also, scientists use programming languages to do math for them. They can simply create programs that do math for them instead of doing it themselves.

II: Body

One thing that many programmers do is create programs that do things for them. The programs are known as scripts. A script is a program that does something for you, like automate certain tasks on your computer. Some examples of scripts include:

Automate certain tasks on your computer (such as downloading all your favorite music)

Manipulate data (such as formatting data)

Manipulate files (such as copying files)

Manipulate text (like converting text from one language to another)

One popular scripting language is PHP. With PHP, you can manipulate text easily. You can modify text to make it look better or be more readable. PHP also makes it easy to manipulate files on your computer. For example, if you wanted to delete all of the mp3s in a certain directory, you could run a PHP script that would make the directory empty by deleting all of the files inside of it.

III: Conclusion

Programming languages are very useful for manipulating text and files on your computer. If you are writing a paper where you need to manipulate text, then you should try using PHP because it is very easy to learn and to use.

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