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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

Programming Languages are the first step to create a program or program that can be used by other people or you can say it is the first thing to use for developing your own application. Programming language is used to write the instructions to the computer. It provides the tools for building applications. It creates the code to use for maintaining or processing data which is required by the software. There are many programming languages but some are most common are C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript etc.

II: Body

There are several different types of programming languages. Each language has its own purpose for using. Some are used for creating GUI (Graphical User Interface) and others are used for creating web applications. Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every language has its own feature which it can provide.

First we will discuss about C and C++. These two languages are used for developing any application with in built options and features like memory management and security. They provide great power with in built features like array and structures with in them. This language is very much popular and is widely used for games which need high speed data processing. C++ is the advanced version of C language with in-built object oriented feature.

Java is another type of programming language which is very much popular and mostly used in web development like website creation and web based application development. This language provides the feature of writing large scale applications and also has an in-built handling methods of memory management and security. This language can be used by running on any Operating System and devices which makes it very secure and easy to work with in any situation. Java is widely used in android apps development and smartphone apps development.

Another language is Python which is also one of the most popular languages for general purpose programming. It is a scripting language which gets installed on all systems running on the OS such as Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS and so on. It supports multiple programming paradigms such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP), procedural programming, functional programming, and imperative programming while also supporting dynamic typing, garbage collection, and a large standard library while running on a wide variety of platforms. Python can be used to do both simple tasks like adding up numbers together to complex tasks like building a website from scratch.

III: Conclusion

In this article we discussed about different types of programming languages and their uses, strengths and weaknesses. So I hope you have gotten some basic idea about programming languages after reading this article.

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